What is the Aquarian person like?

Aquarius zodiac sign: This is how the typical Aquarius ticks

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Date of birth: January 21 to February 19

The zodiac sign Aquarius is considered to be rather unusual. It is fascinated by anything that is extraordinary or even whimsical. It is sometimes difficult for those around him to understand his actions correctly. On the one hand he is a true and loyal friend, on the other hand he longs for freedom and independence. What is certain, however, is that the Aquarius zodiac sign never gets boring.

Freiraum: This is typical for Aquarius

The Aquarius is characterized above all by the fact that he needs his freedom and hardly values ‚Äč‚Äčtraditions. What is more important to him is that he can implement his ideas. And he has quite a few up his sleeve. However, there is often a lack of perseverance with regard to the realization of his ideas.

However, Aquarius also accepts detours. After all, Aquarius people know exactly what they want, and sooner or later they will get it too. This applies equally to love and the job.

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Aquarius is a true friend

Not only the inventiveness of the Aquarians is remarkable: they also like to surround themselves with characters. You have many and very different friends. So it is not uncommon for a bon vivant to sit next to a physics professor on a social evening in your home.

What counts for those born in Aquarius is the individuality of their friends. These in turn enjoy the presence of "their" Aquarius mainly because he is a great comrade, very intelligent and therefore often inspiring for others.

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Aquarius is extremely helpful. He is always at the service of his friends. In view of his numerous projects, he sometimes finds it difficult to keep track of things. It would therefore be advisable that he not try to turn every flash of inspiration into action: after all, it will not get him any further if he becomes entangled.

The Aquarius is drawn to the extraordinary

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This has the effect that the typical Aquarius likes to present himself as an original contemporary. Anything that is somehow extraordinary and follows a new trend attracts Aquarius. It is difficult to assess, at times even unpredictable, but never boring. He also has a very spiritual side. So a magical mix.

These are the positive qualities of Aquarius:

# colorful personality
# creative
# intellectual and very intelligent
# caring for the weaker
# spiritual
# inspiring
# very charming
# mismatched

These are the difficult character traits of the zodiac sign Aquarius:

# great need for freedom
# maladjusted and sometimes rebellious
# erratic and moody
# difficult to grasp
# inner tension
# unsteady, non-binding, cool

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Aquarius in love: all or nothing!

As is well known, people with the zodiac sign Aquarius are always the absolute center of every society. Aquarius is popular, somehow everyone appreciates him. This is of course also due to its unmistakable charm, which hardly anyone can escape. So it's no wonder that he turns the heads of many people.

But his admirers should be careful not to restrict him and overwhelm him with their love. Because his love of independence is all too legendary. So check who binds himself forever - Aquarius takes this proverb very seriously. Everything has to be right before he is ready to give up his beloved freedom for a lasting relationship. But once it sparked, it was huge. The zodiac sign Aquarius does not fall in love often, but when it does, it does so with skin and hair.

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Which zodiac sign is Aquarius?

Anyone who thinks they can put an Aquarius on a short leash in a relationship is seriously mistaken. He needs freedom like the air to breathe. If you can guarantee that, you will get an exciting, exciting life partner at your side. So it's good if you tick similarly in terms of distance in relationships and the desire for freedom.

And that is what the air signs Gemini and Libra do. Both give Aquarius the freedom he needs, because they themselves also tend to be reluctant to be restricted. They too have this easy-going way of going through life that is peculiar to Aquarius. A burdock as a partner is just as horrid for these zodiac signs as it is for Aquarius. So it fits. The Gemini, however, is far more realist than the Aquarian born. That can cause differences.

Who else suits Aquarius? Well, your own zodiac sign. Aquarius with Aquarius work quite well, because they know their weaknesses and strengths only too well and therefore harmonize perfectly. Even the busy and interested Sagittarius is a soul mate of Aquarius. He too loves freedom, is interested and open to the world. He is also a little exotic and likes to tread new, unusual paths. This fits perfectly.

And last but not least, the Aries also fits very well, because like the Aquarius, he doesn't like a dominant partner at his side and is therefore only too happy to grant the Aquarius his peculiarities and his freedom. And he's confident enough to keep up with the charismatic Aquarius.

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These zodiac signs are a perfect match for Aquarius:
Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries

These zodiac signs don't fit so well:
Scorpio, Cancer

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