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This is how you make your pleated skirt an eye-catcher

Pleated skirts are no longer stale! What a few years ago was considered a cliché item of clothing for grannies, secretaries or schoolgirls is now an absolute trend. We'll show you what types of pleated skirts there are and how you can combine them. You can also get inspiration from other looks in our picture gallery!

Styling rules for pleated skirts

Pleated skirts consist of a mostly thin fabric with artificially formed folds. The fibers are usually synthetic, as the pleated blinds would disappear with natural fabrics after washing.

Popular materials are polyester, satin, tulle, but also leather or silk. At the moment, pastel colors or transparent skirts with opaque underskirts are particularly popular, and those who like it more conspicuous can choose the trendy items in a metallic look. When wearing pleated skirts, however, there are a few things to keep in mind so that the outfit works.

# 1 The right width

The folds of the pleated skirt can become bulky or, in the worst case, fan out if they are too tight. So if you have wider hips, you should choose a slightly wider A-line model. Otherwise, the following applies: the heavier the material, the less smooth the folds will be.

# 2 The right length

If you have slim legs, you can choose pleated skirts in all hem lengths, even mini. Midi skirts suit almost everyone, the piece should only be calf-length if the lower legs are not too strong. Ankle-length looks especially good on short women, while tall and well-built women look best in floor-length maxi skirts.

# 3 The right amount

For a perfect look, the pleated skirt should be in the foreground. The rest of the outfit is built around it and styled more restrained. Avoid using overly conspicuous patterns on tops or jackets.

# 4 The skilful break

In order not to appear stuffy or old-fashioned, you have to break up the somewhat staid look of the pleated skirt and combine it with cool or classy pieces. You should therefore leave your strict blouse or your favorite ballerinas in the closet.

So you can combine your pleated skirt

You can combine the stylish pleated skirts in many ways. However, always remember to tuck all tops into the waistband with the exception of oversize sweaters! So you can create the following styles:

# Girlish look

You can style a romantic and sweet look with a pleated skirt in pastel colors such as pink, light blue or white. The skirt can be made of tulle or partially transparent and have a long hem. Pleated skirts with wide, so-called box pleats also look beautiful. These fall particularly far and thus give a playful look. Sneakers or sandals go great with it, heels make the look more feminine.

Combine with: cute tops, knot blouses, playful blouses, denim jackets, sneakers, sandals, heels

# Trendy look

For a very trendy look, eye-catching pleated skirts in a metallic look, made of leather or with an asymmetrical cut are best. Wear it with a cool print shirt and muted colors, otherwise the outfit will be overloaded. If you choose the leather version, the skirt should at least go over the knee and be combined with a wide jacket. A white shirt goes great with it. The styling is suitable for a party if you combine the pleated skirt with a sexy crop top. You have a free choice of shoes!

Combine with: T-shirts, XL shirts, oversize sweaters, leather jackets, pilot jackets, sneakers, boots

# Noble look

In the office or at evening events, you can wear pleated skirts in a more elegant combination. So your top should be cut tight, but also cover enough. The pleated skirt should be kept in dark tones such as black, wine red or a deep green, a waist belt and high shoes underline the noble styling. Skirts made of silk, which fall very softly, are particularly beautiful here.

Combine with: tight sweaters, elegant blouses, turtlenecks, bodysuits, waist belts, light coats, high heels

# Casual look

In everyday life you can casually combine pleated skirts in all possible colors and create a young look. This is ensured primarily by flat shoes with an ankle or medium-length skirt and simple tops such as single-colored shirts or sweaters. The outfit is rounded off with a leather or pilot jacket.

Combine with: Crop tops, white shirts, print shirts, muted colors, casual jackets, sneakers, high heels

Wear a pleated skirt all year round

Due to their light fabric, pleated skirts are clearly parts for the warmer seasons, but you can also wear them great in autumn and winter. With a knitted sweater, boots or biker boots and a long coat, you're wrapped up warm enough and still rock the pleated look. A cozy XL scarf completes the whole thing. In spring and summer, on the other hand, styling becomes easier: Open shoes, sneakers and airier tops conjure up the most beautiful look when a warm breeze blows through the pleated skirt.

More than 20 fantastic pleated skirt looks:

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