Do you like your teacher

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Are you a teacher favorite?

The test tells you how much your teacher’s favorite really is.

You are not a teacher favorite!

You hate students who want to suck themselves in. Why should one do such a thing? It doesn't change the grade and is absolutely embarrassing. You'd rather lick the bus bar than go to the teacher in the afternoon for a barbecue in the garden. Nothing and no one can force you to do something that you do not want. Point.

You are the absolute favorite of the teachers!

You not only know when which teacher has a birthday. You also bring everyone a little something for their special day. You volunteer to organize excursions, keep the classroom quiet, and advise your classmates if you think they are doing something not the way the teacher intended. You are the absolute favorite of the teachers! The main thing is that you stand by your nature, then nobody can accuse you of sneaking in.

You know what is useful!

When you see an opportunity to make a good impression without much effort, you take it. But you wouldn't go so far as to laugh at every bad joke your teacher made. There are teachers who you just like and get on well with them. Not with others. But that's so fine with you.

Do you report frequently and verbally contribute?

Yes, I enjoy taking part in discussions.

Only when I know something.

Not really. That's mostly too stupid for me.

Do you like to take on extra tasks?

Just not. Who does this voluntarily?

Yes, if I think it makes sense.

Yes, that way I can positively remember myself. That will definitely help me in the future.

Have you ever been invited to a barbecue at your favorite teacher?

Sure, he / she does that for the whole class every year.

No, that wouldn't be for me either.

Once there was an invitation, but I found that too uncomfortable.

Do you have a good relationship with your teachers?

Most of them, yes. They are easy to talk to.

To all teachers. After all, it's important that they know how dedicated I am.

No, I don't need that.

Have you ever given a teacher a birthday present?

Yes, because I knew exactly that he / she would like it.

No, why should I?

Yes, I do that every year. It's a tradition.

Do you ever get bored in class?

No, that never happens to me. I always take part in class activities.

Only now and then. There are just a few subjects that don't appeal to me.

All the time! If the teachers came up with something exciting, I would also be careful.

Are you the class representative?

Yes, by necessity. The others just decided that.

Yes, for the second year in a row. I really enjoy it.

Haha, not in life!