What is the code quality of YouTube

YouTube: New options for the quality of videos are reaching the service's mobile apps

There are new settings for the video quality in YouTube videos on mobile devices with Android or iOS as the operating system, reports 9to5Google. The server-side switch seems to have been turned over for all users, at least I can find the new settings here on all devices. What is it all about? When watching a YouTube video on a smartphone, in addition to the different video resolutions, there is only the option of having the video resolution automatically adjusted by the software.

If you watch a video from now on, you can now also choose whether the image quality of the video should have a higher resolution or whether you prefer to use your data volume sparingly and prefer a lower quality instead.

The video quality will of course continue to be automatically optimized according to the quality of your data connection, but has its limitations with the new settings. "Higher image quality" should represent up to a minimum of 720p, the data-saving mode goes up to a maximum of 480p and ends at a minimum of 144p. What you can also see in the screen above is that from now on you can select in advance in the settings of the YouTube app which of the two new quality settings should be selected automatically both in the WLAN and on the move in the mobile data network. In addition, when playing a video you can always use the “Advanced” tab to select a specific resolution for the video playback - from 144p to 4K UHD, so 9to5Google continues.

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