What's your WHY in life

That's your life

This is your life, this is how you live ... (Philipp Dittberner)

Sometimes you ask yourself what kind of life it is here on this earth. Because both my personal life and the life around me is often not easy to understand; it is complex and complex. And at the same time so clear and simple.

What is your life At first you can see it factually.

Your life is one of billions of other lives in this world, with a period of time from 0 years to x years. It starts with the fact that two people have conceived you and continues with the fact that you were born, grew up, grew up and took responsibility for your own life and possibly that of your own family.

Our environment also belongs to the factual. Our upbringing, the siblings and friends who have shaped us. The people in schools, clubs, at work etc. And finally the society of our country with its culture, its laws etc. All of this is part of our life and influences it in different ways.

In addition, there is our inner, very personal life: the emotions, desires and hope that we have. The ups and downs of life: love and hate, win and lose, experience disappointments and experience trust, etc.

It is out of these emotions that we live and experience life; only then do we feel that we are alive. We feel that life is dynamic, not only does everything always go well, it also goes badly. Whether we like it or not: that's the way it is.

Your and my life is a constant back and forth. The positive gives us strength and courage, the negative pulls us down.

That's your life. A life that disappoints you again and again, people who disappoint you: maybe the family, an unhappy love or bad friends with whom you are connected even though they are not good for you. Dittberner describes it in the chorus like this: "Why you miss him again who certainly won't free you".

But stopping at this disappointment is not good.

Yes, life is complicated, sometimes stupid and sometimes strange to me. But then there are the other moments that the song talks about at the beginning, with the person friend at the window. Laughing with familiar people and knowing: this is real life. The feeling of being so light and carefree that you could fly. To find support with the people who like and love me and whom I love. Then the world can rage out there as it wants, people can stress and disappoint me as they want. Here is my life, here are the moments that make life so beautiful and unique.

Moments that we also know from our life of faith, moments where we know Jesus is there, I feel and experience him, now and here. That can be in the depths of my life where I find comfort in him, as well as in the high flights where I can thank him. No matter what phase of life I am in, I can be sure that he will not disappoint me, never let me go because he gave his life for mine.

This is your and my life, a unique gift, not always easy, not always understandable, but infinitely valuable.

Markus Röcker