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New plans: That's why Samy Deluxe is closing its restaurant in the Karoviertel

Rapper Samy Deluxe has "no longer bothered" with the catering business and closes his restaurant found food after five years. Something new is to be created in the shop in the Karolinenviertel. You can find out what Samy is up to at kiekmo.

Samy Deluxe: "Damn tough business"

Samy Deluxe announced the bad news in a video on his Instagram channel. "Gastro is a damn tough business," says the musician in it. He himself “doesn't feel like it anymore”, but shows his appreciation for the restaurant operators: “Respect to all the people out there who pull it off.” Is the closure related to the corona pandemic and its restrictions? Samy Deluxe did not comment on this in the video. He prefers to look ahead and reveal his new plans.

What comes after food is found?

Even after the restaurant is closed, the rapper wants to keep the premises on St. Pauli. He plans to produce “social and cultural content” there. Among other things, Samy Deluxe wants to record his new podcast “Hochkultur” in the former barbecue restaurant, but also broadcast DJ sets in a live stream. "It will just remain a great place that is not open to the public, but will still end up in the public eye," he sums up in the Instagram video. With that in mind, let's just say it in Samy's words: “Found food - rest in peace. Peace out. "

Looking for a new favorite burger in Hamburg?

We can recommend our list of the best burgers in Hamburg to anyone who is sad now and is looking for a new favorite restaurant after the closure of Found Food. We'll also tell you which other celebrity restaurants there are in Hamburg.

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