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The WhatsApp extension Snaptube was already criticized at the end of 2019. We explain what makes them so dangerous.

  • WhatsApp: Danger from the SnapTube extension
  • Millions of WhatsApp users are believed to be affected
  • Upstream's experts recommend deleting the WhatsApp extension

kassel - The Whatsapp Messenger has been criticized for various points. Especially since the merger with Facebook, WhatsApp has come under increasing criticism *. But also apart from Whatsapp itself, there are dangers for that Messenger Users. The extension app SnapTube provides, according to the mobile technology company Upstream, such a security risk there.

WhatsApp: SnapTube has already caused this damage in the past

The Whatsapp-Extension SnapTube is under suspicion, according to the security department of the mobile technology company Upstream 70 million Having carried out fraudulent transactions. The US company reported this in October 2019.

According to estimates by Upstream, 4.4 million users were affected between April and October 2019. According to the company, users lost over 90 million US dollars to fraudulent transactions during this period Whatsapp-Extension.

WhatsApp: SnapTube cheats with invisible advertising

The one from the Chinese company Mobiuspace developed Whatsapp-Extension SnapTube, cheats through invisible advertisements. It switches advertisements in the background that are not displayed to the user.

As a result, it generates so-called non-human clicks. These are from the App, then sold to their advertising partners as real. Thus cheating SnapTube not only its own users, but also their business partners.

WhatsApp: Users have to expect unwanted subscriptions

The Whatsapp-Extension concludes subscriptions to premium digital services without the knowledge of the user. The US company Upstream blocked over 70 million such potentially fraudulent transactions in connection with these activities by October 2019.

Upstream researchers also observed, for example, that their test devices received SMS messages from subscriptions that they never ordered.

But even with WhatsApp Messenger itself, users should pay attention to their data security *.

WhatsApp: SnapTube's scam is no stranger

According to Upstream experts, SnapTube contains the same code that was used in the Vidmate app. This code enables the Whatsapp-Extension to do the damage.

Vidmate also cheated through mass advertising and unwanted subscriptions.

Even the subscriptions you have taken out are similar for the two apps. The countries most affected by the scam are Brazil, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa.


- Meckerpapst04 (@ meckerpapst04) April 28, 2020

WhatsApp: Google Play Protect also became aware of the app

The Whatsapp- Extension SnapTube is used by its users for making videos YouTube directly in Messenger to send further.

At the moment the app is only for Android-Devices available. However, it cannot be im Google Play Store downloaded. However, it will be available on third-party app stores such as Aptoide and Uptodown.

WhatsApp: SnapTube wants to use Google politics as a protective shield

The Whatsapp- Extension SnapTube refers to the restrictive justification for this Google-Politics. With the same justification, the company tries the warnings of Google Play Protectwhich some users were shown when the app was updated.

Against the background of the results from Upstream, these explanations should at best be a drop in the ocean.

WhatsApp: Popular feature has now been expanded

Many internet services are expanding their offerings during the Corona crisis. WhatsApp * is now also expanding one of its features. But the Corona crisis has far more influence on the former leader of the download charts.

The WhatsApp messenger had to cede its place at the top to the competition during the crisis.

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