Do you speak English in Thailand?

The Thai language

The language in Thailand is Thai. We're in Thailand so we speak Thai. I had to listen to these statements in my early days when I asked the lady in the employment office to answer in English, because I couldn't understand her at the time. Once again stepped in the fender.

It also took me a long time to get behind the strange English that the Thais speak. This is for the most part their own language (grammar), which they then translate word for word into English without changing the sentence accordingly.

Do you have to learn the Thai language if you want to live in Thailand? Actually yes, one would think, but experience has shown that even foreigners without any knowledge of Thai or English feel comfortable in Thailand for many years and get along well.

In the supermarket you can take what you see and need and in the restaurants the menus are mostly in English or even in German.

It looks a little different when you want to run a business in Thailand. It can't do any harm if you master one or the other phrase in Thai.

When can you actually say that you can? Speak thai? When you understand a lot, when you can read and write it? So I'm not saying that I can speak Thai, but with what I can do, I get along well everywhere.

I can ask for the price, I understand the numbers, colors, I know the most important things like train station, airport etc. in Thai and most Thai dishes and drinks.

I would say someone who the thai news on television understands and then can say exactly what happened where, can claim that he knows Thai!

The Thai language is a language in which there is on the emphasis of the individual words matters. You can't just repeat a word as it is written somewhere. You have to emphasize it correctly, otherwise the Thai either doesn't understand anything or, in the worst case, you have insulted him deeply just because you have emphasized a word incorrectly.

A good example of this is the word "pie". Pie is, on the one hand, addressing an elderly, respectful person. But emphasized a little differently, it also means ghost or ghost. Pronounced incorrectly, the faux pas are perfect.

Of course there are also rules in the Thai language, but no Thai knows them or can explain them to you properly.

If you wanted to learn all of this properly, you would actually have to sit down again and go to school. Thai courses are offered everywhere in the tourist areas, in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi.

The Thai language

The Thai language also has a completely different script and thus a completely different alphabet than ours. It is therefore difficult and time-consuming to learn to read and write in addition to speaking.

Personally, I don't think it's absolutely necessary, after all, as children, we first learned the German language for 6 or 7 years and only spoke it before we went to school and there too Write and read have learned.

If you want to do that to yourself anyway, you have to, as I said, to one of the Language Schools turn in the tourist places. In some places in Germany, evening courses in Thai may also be offered via the adult education center, so that you can find out something in advance.