What a structural failure is that

Luxembourg vaccinates too slowly. The government blames the pharmaceutical companies' unreliable deliveries. She ignores the homemade problems. But it takes an honest analysis of the current imbalance in order to find solutions. A comment.

It's about life and death. This is not an empty phrase, but the bitter reality. 14 people died in the Niederkorn retirement home with or from Covid-19, reported the “Luxemburger Wort”. This is the sad consequence of a cluster that occurred internally at the same time as the first vaccination. An earlier vaccination might have saved many lives.

It's a hypothesis in the subjunctive. But it shows how much is at stake in the vaccination campaign. The first and most important task of a state is to protect the lives of its citizens. Luxembourg is currently insufficiently fulfilling this task. The number of deaths in this pandemic is far too high, despite increasing vaccinations, the number of infections is stagnating at a very high level, and hospitals could soon be forced to switch to crisis mode again. And at the current pace, the situation will remain dangerous for at least six months. This is an unacceptable situation.

The political "Gepiddels"

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (DP) is using excuses as usual. The vaccine deliveries are the problem. Theoretically, 95,000 people could be vaccinated per week in this country, he emphasized in parliament on Friday. Without a doubt, the delivery bottlenecks are a problem. But Luxembourg bunkers vaccines like no other country, research by Reporter.lu.

The government has at least partially recognized this and decided on Friday to inoculate the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine to a level of 25 percent in addition to the AstraZeneca vaccine. So far, more than half has been stored. As a result, 30,500 more people can be protected by the end of April, announced Xavier Bettel.

This late insight is just one example of wrong political decisions in the vaccination campaign ...

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