Why did Australian universities piss off Chinese students?

Australia news

In the past few years, Australia violent incidents occur frequently.

Various robberies and assaults have made people panic.

This Australia, rated as one of the friendliest countries in the world,

It seems to be getting less friendly.

It's not the first time the encounter has been beaten recently.

Many Chinese students who went to Australia to study

1. 中国 International Student Pierced Eye

According to Honi Soit University of Sydney, on campus

A man between 30 and 40 years old wearing a gray sweater

Chinese students attacked.

It is reported that the man attacked several people in one day as an Asian student.

(Image source: honisoit.com)

According to reports, the man in the sweater spat at one of them, and the Chinese student immediately asked him, "What are you doing?"

Then he pushed away the man who had maliciously leaned

The man got angry with embarrassment,

He hit the student hard in the face

The man clamped the key between his fingers.

Poke the student's left eye several times.

(Image source: honisoit.com)

It is reported that the international student wasSydney's first day of college.

The student and friends remembered the attacker screaming, spat, and spat on the City Road flyover, which was the only way for university students to go. The attacker was drunk and hazy and just spat on the Asian faces he was dealing with.

(Image source: honisoit.com)

The attacked student said he had been to the University of New South Wales after four years of undergraduate studies, he was never discriminated against.

He was very disappointed with the performance of campus security and police at the University of Sydney.He said the guard arrived 10 minutes after he called and the police arrived at the scene 40 minutes later.

The student also stated that he could take legal action against men in sweaters. It is reported that many text graffiti discriminating against Asians have appeared at the University of Sydney.

2. Chinese students were beaten in the street

Chinese students are discriminated against,

Later, after the Chinese student claimed to be calling the police, the man in the sweater left hastily.

Not just in Sydney, Melbourne, the same is true.

On July 7th, a Chinese student named Vital published this post in the well-known Australian-Asian Facebook group "Subtle Asian Traits":

(Image source: Original contribution by SAT Vital)

He stated in the post that he has been to study in Melbourne, From Fuzhou, China, has been living in this city for 7 years.

In his eyes, Melbourne has always been an inclusive and multicultural city.

But two days ago he and his girlfriend were hanging out on Chapel Street in South Yarra, Melbourne, and three young white men came up to him.

The three people yelled "Ching Chong" to his friend, and one of them tried to move her.

Article source: Australia WeChat

After the students defended themselves in self-defense,

When Vital saw that his girlfriend was being bullied, he asked the three men, "What do you want to do?"

However, the group began to use racially discriminatory terms to humiliate him, pointed to him face to face, said "Ching Chong" and then asked him to "leave my country (gtfo my country)".

Fortunately, the Chinese student did not suffer any serious injuries except for one eye.

(Screenshot source: original contribution by SAT Vital)

Actually, I'll suffer deeply from it.

After all sorts of insults and bullying against Vital and his girlfriend, one of them blocked them in the corner of Westpac.

Then he hit Vital on the nose with one hard blow.Immediate blood flow!

This group of people was hectic and arrogant. After fighting Vital, they continued down the street and attacked another Indian on the street.

Although there were many kind people who helped them when the incident happened, Vitalal's friend still did not dare to go out at night after the incident for fear of encountering similar things again.

Last but not least,

Melbourne and Sydney are the two largest multicultural cities in Australia, bringing together international students from all over the world. They are also the most popular cities for Chinese people to study abroad.

But the successive emergence of discrimination against Asians made people uneasy.

When there is an attack on foreign students in Australia, everyone must remember that security is paramount.

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