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The best apps for sending money internationally online with your smartphone

After the revolution in online banking, the next big turning point is in store, which will change how we handle our money, how we receive, manage and send it: More and more apps are making account management and international sending of money online on smartphones possible.

Sending money internationally was not always easy due to different currencies and regulations, Meanwhile, however, there are applications for smartphones that make it possible to send money internationally at any time. We looked at the most important apps, but not all of them allow the worldwide transfer of money, but what the apps are capable of is highlighted in each case.


Overview: You can send money online internationally with Azimo in almost 200 countries, you can switch from any currency to another, and you can choose between four different types of payment, such as bank transfer or topping up your mobile phone.

Azimo makes it possible Send money to anyone you want internationally at any timewhether from Germany to Egypt or from Denmark to Israel. The basic principle is very simple and does not work any differently than with normal online banking. You create a recipient, choose an amount of money and send it.

One difference to online banking, however, is that you have to choose between different payout options and not all options are available everywhere. Overall there is four options: The cash pick-up, a bank transfer, the SWIFT payment and a mobile phone top-up. The fees differ depending on the type of transfer, but the company's website always remains transparent. Accruing fees and exchange rates are always shown clearly.

The greatest advantages The app is certainly the lower fees in contrast to Western Union, for example, a high processing speed and ease of use. The only right one disadvantage is that not all withdrawal options are available in all countries. In addition, for a money transfer over 899 euros, additional identification must take place; for more than 4,999 euros, additional documents are required.

  • Low fees
  • High speed
  • Easy to use
  • Not the same payout options everywhere
  • Additional effort for higher transfers

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Overview: N26 offers a wide range of options, from general account management to overdraft facilities to sending money online. With N26 you can transfer in 19 different currencies.

Unlike Azimo, N26 only offers Transfers in 19 different currencies, which take one to two working days, but the overall offer is more extensive. An overdraft facility of up to 2,000 euros is made available, with “Cash26” money can be paid in and out at over 6,000 shops in Germany and with the “MoneyBeam” you can make friends Transfer money in secondsIf, for example, you go out to eat together but somebody lacks the necessary cash.

advantages The app is definitely the extensive functions and the ease of use, but if you are mainly looking for an app for international transfers, azimo would be better off.

  • Extensive functions
  • Fast transfers
  • So far only 19 currencies are available

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Western Union App

Overview: Western Union does not want to lose touch in the international transfer market and is following suit with its own app. The company enjoys great trust and has an established network of branches in many countries. However, there are also processing fees for this.

Western Union has been around since the late 19th century and the company is still used today by many people to send cash internationally. However, Western Union has had to keep up with it in recent years Criticism of processing fees that are too high and unfavorable exchange rates.

With the advent of new services for sending money online internationally, the pressure on the company is increasing and Western Union is responding by developing an app as well. With this, you can now use the company's service on your smartphone while on the move.

advantages of the app are a general leap of faith that Western Union has enjoyed as a company that has been established on the international market for years and the possibility of sending to absolutely every country. So the choice is not limited here. disadvantage are the still quite high fees for international transfers.

  • Established company
  • Transfers to any country in any currency
  • Relatively high fees
  • App not as modern as with other providers

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Overview: Avuba advertises above all with the high speed of sending money online, it should be "as fast as an SMS". The transfers only work with SEPA accounts, i.e. in Europe. Avuba also offers a digital MasterCard.

Money can be made with Avuba send extremely quickly between European accounts, especially if you have already saved friends and contacts in the available favorites list. If you owe someone money, you only have to give their phone contact, the recipient then receives an SMS, from where they either download the app themselves or provide their account details.

In addition, Avuba offers its own MasterCard, which can be displayed in its digital version on the mobile phone and is used for fast and secure online payments.

advantages from Avuba are above all the fast transfer time and that you only need telephone contact to transfer money. This saves time and you don't have to exchange account details for every small amount. As a disadvantage It is important to note that only SEPA accounts can be used in Europe.

  • Very quick transfers
  • No account details required, just phone contacts
  • Only available for SEPA accounts in Europe




Overview: Sending money online with your smartphone is also possible with Cringle. In principle, the app offers the same as Avuba, but only for German bank accounts and with a limit of 100 euros if you are not a customer of the Deutsche Kreditbank with which Cringle cooperates.

Cringle advertises that the app has been downloaded more than 35,000 times from the Play Store and the App Store. In addition, Cringle is officially featured by Google in the Play Store, which also speaks for the quality of the app and has doubled the number of registrations.

Biggest advantage The app is definitely easy to use, instead of having to enter a long IBAN, it is sufficient to add your own bank details via "Cringle Connect" to the online banking system and to verify them in the same step. disadvantage from Cringle are that only 100 euros can be transferred and that overall there are no obvious advantages over Avuba, which can also be used for transfers outside of Germany.

  • Nice design
  • Transparency & easy handling
  • Fast verification of bank details
  • 100 euros transfer limit if you are not a member of DKB
  • Can only be used with German bank accounts


PayPal app

Overview: With the PayPal app, the account can be managed online and transfers can be made to contacts on the mobile phone.

Most people are now familiar with PayPal as a payment method on the Internet. On the one hand, PayPal can be used as an account into which you can deposit money, which you can then use to pay at online shops. On the other hand, PayPal can also debit the current account directly and forward the money to the respective online retailer. With the PayPal app, the same is possible on the go, by simply entering the email address of a contact Send money online in seconds.

advantage is of course here that a lot of people are already using PayPal and trust the service. A disadvantage is that transfers in currencies other than euros incur fees.

  • Established application
  • Transparency & easy handling
  • Fast
  • Fees for transfers in other currencies

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Conclusion on sending money online

Azimo and N26 seem to be best for international transfers, but if you only want to transfer money between friends, these apps are almost too much of a good thing and you probably get along well with Avuba or - if you only want to transfer to German accounts - Cringle rightly. PayPal is and will remain a good option for managing your money online and on the go.

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