Muslims have honeymoon


Police officers stormed a Muslim couple's holiday home near Walsrode on suspicion of terrorism. Omar Abo-Namous and his wife Kathrin Klausing from Stöcken spent their honeymoon there - and were targeted by terrorist investigators last week. Neighbors had informed the officers because they had allegedly made suspicious observations. “We can't believe what happened to us,” says Omar Abo-Namous.

The 26-year-old, who has a German passport and works as a research assistant at the university, had booked the holiday destination in Hamwiede near Walsrode on the Internet. "The price for the house was in line with our budget," writes Kathrin Klausing on her website, on which the couple made the process public.

Last Thursday around 10 p.m. there was suddenly a violent knock on the door of the house. “Somebody yelled to open up immediately,” recalls Abo-Namous. When it opened, several officers from the Soltau police station stormed into the building. “They searched the apartment, two of them went upstairs to the bedrooms. We had to sit on the sofa, ”writes the 32-year-old on her blog. She converted to Islam in 2000. She has been wearing a headscarf ever since.
The police checked the couple's personal details. Then she asked the two questions. “They wanted to know why we were going on our honeymoon here, why we had arrived at our holiday resort without a car and so late in the evening,” says Omar Abo-Namous.

“We had received reports that a young couple was behaving in a strange way in the apartment,” says Detlef Maske from the police in Soltau. The fact that suddenly a woman with a headscarf and a Mediterranean-looking man are in such a remote village near the motorway, apparently traveling without a car, was considered unusual by the population against the background of the general security situation. "We had evidence of terrorism that we had to investigate immediately," said Maske.

"I have no understanding that a few such ridiculous facts are enough to justify such a nocturnal action," says the 26-year-old. The couple cannot afford a car at the moment. They had made their honeymoon by train and taxi.
After the police did not find any irregularities during the inspection, they apologized for the disturbance and left the house. The couple ended their honeymoon prematurely because of the incident. "We had booked until Sunday, but went back home on Friday," says Omar Abo-Namous. (From Hannoverische Allgemeine on October 30, 2007, by Tobias Morchner)