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FudgeAgainst the Fart taboo: the Day the flatulence

A taboo is still there: puffing. But why actually? Because it is not healthy at all to refrain from farting. On the day of flatulence, we want to talk about farts, farts and diapers - and why some farts stink and others don't.

Whether you like to fart or are more ashamed of it also seems to depend on what gender you belong to. Men are more likely to celebrate each other when they fart. It looks different with women, says doctor and author Yael Adler. Men can even develop pride in their own gas, while women do not want to be considered stinky.

"For women, the taboo of being stinky and unattractive is a lot bigger than for men."
Yael Adler, dermatologist and author

But men and women actually have to fart equally often. Adults produce between 0.5 and 1.5 liters of intestinal gases per day - regardless of gender. We have to fart eight to 15 times a day. Less intestinal gases are developed during sleep, because then the body as a whole slows down its functions.

In the plane, however, you have to fart more often. Because due to the low air pressure in the cabin, the gases in the intestine tend to expand.

Overall, it is advisable, even if it stinks, to let the fart out. Otherwise the gases can inflate the body. Scientists even suspect that this can lead to inflammation in the intestines. "Suppressing farts is not recommended," says Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Martin Schütz.

"Doctors recommend that we should basically just let the bowel winds go."
Martin Schütz, Deutschlandfunk Nova reporter

Plus, farts aren't really gross either, which can be proven. There are studies with test persons in a sterile operating room. After all, some interventions drag on for hours, and someone from the surgical team then has to fart.

For the experiment, test persons farted against Petri dishes - sometimes with and sometimes without underpants. Without underpants, various germs were detected after a day in the incubator, but none were dangerous. You can read more about the experiment here. Otherwise, underpants and smock are also sufficient to prevent germs from spreading in the first place.

Why don't all farts stink badly?

Some farts don't even stand out, especially if they don't smell bad. Other farts, on the other hand, are sometimes hard to endure. Basically, frogs consist primarily of hydrogen and CO2, but some also contain methane and sulfur - and that can then go in the direction of odor nuisance.

Whether pupils stink or not, that also depends on the diet. Australian scientists have found that cysteine ​​is primarily responsible for the foul odor.

Cysteine ​​is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is contained in certain proteins that are found in dairy products, meat and eggs. The result of the study is also that bodybuilders in particular give off bad puffs, because they often consume additional proteins to build muscle.