Why do everyone hate lawyers

"111 reasons to hate lawyers": Delicious sandwiches with airport bookstore potential


What Joachim Wagner did with a raised index finger, Eva Engelken does with an outstretched middle finger. Your book about the world of lawyers contains a lot of well-known things, but also treasures Markus Hartung. Engelken's loose diction does not change the fact that the guild needs such books. Not least to ask about systemic errors. A review from the industry insider.

It's really not easy for us at the moment. There are far too many of us, times are already bad, in terms of public popularity we are increasingly falling behind teachers, which is difficult to bear.

Then Joachim Wagner writes a book about lawyers and warns us that we are only obsessed with money, or unsuitable, or both. Real love does not appear in Wagner's book for us lawyers.

But it can get worse: 111 reasons to hate lawyers, another book about us, punctually in the run-up to Christmas, the ideal gift for young law students or for legal parents and relatives, a book with airport bookstore potential.

Eva Engelkens takes the guild to her breast

The reviewer has already given himself away with this word, because only lawyers can create such words. We use words that are terribly long and strangely put together, for example Eva Engelken's 13th reason to hate us, and the fact that our sentences can be wrapped around the block three times is the 14th.

Eva Engelken, herself a lawyer, usually deals with the language of lawyers. It tells us how we talk and how we are likely to think. She has now left this niche and has taken the guild as a whole to her chest. In a total of 25 "articles", it lists 111 reasons why we lawyers are hateful, and it provides tips on how we can still get our rights.

Why 111 reasons? Only a lawyer can ask this question, but: the publisher has a series of books in which 111 reasons on different topics are listed, for example why you have to love cycling or hate Bayern Munich. All very popular topics.

Now we lawyers have been accepted here. We are really no longer the best, it's so bad that even someone like Norbert Blüm writes about the legal system and us.

The lawyer universe: money, women, status symbols

In said 25 articles, Engelken deals with the legal universe, or that's where it starts. Compared to the real universe, this is much bigger, because we are not only everywhere, but also on our own planets.

But it is also about our relationship to money, to women (from Engelken's point of view, the profession is male per se), to ourselves, to our education, our past, our profession and self-management, our status symbols, to our language, to ours Future, or rather the question of whether we still have one. What people have always thought of lawyers. Actually, nothing is missing from the book.

Maybe the positive, but one shouldn't complain. After all, Engelken concludes that lawyers would have a future if they did not always confuse legal with legitimate and recognize that law has something to do with justice - but there are "a lot" of these lawyers.