What causes earthquakes

To put it simply: How does an earthquake occur?

What are the consequences of earthquakes for people around the world?

Not all earthquakes can be felt by humans. Earth tremors of a strength below 2.0 can only be perceived by instruments. Several hundred such light earthquakes occur in Germany every year. While these earthquakes cannot be felt by humans, others wreak havoc.

From around magnitude 5 earthquakes become dangerous for humans. These severe tremors devastate entire regions, claim deaths and rob the survivors of their homes. One of the most recent devastating earthquakes had a magnitude of 9.0 and occurred in Japan in 2011. It was one of the strongest earthquakes in a hundred years.

How does Aktion Deutschland Hilft provide emergency aid in the event of an earthquake?

When people are in dire straits, our alliance provides emergency aid. Together, quickly and in a coordinated manner. With food, drinking water, emergency shelter and medical care.

The alliance organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft also ensure that people are better prepared for earthquakes:

  • With earthquake-proof buildings,
  • With plans so that people can get to safety faster,
  • And with training on how to behave properly in the event of an earthquake.

Thank you for supporting our joint emergency aid with your donation!