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  • Rehabilitation of queer soldiers : "I was the first woman on fighter jets"

    The federal government wants to rehabilitate and compensate queer soldiers. Christiane Meiners was a trans woman in the Air Force, but is excluded from the planned law. By Jana Demnitzmore

  • Blessings of homosexual couples : The Catholic Church should be grateful to its rebellious priests

    Clergymen are now taking into their own hands what the Vatican is unable to achieve: modernization. It's long overdue. A comment. By Inga Barthelsmehr

  • Affront to the Vatican : Catholic pastors bless homosexual couples despite the ban

    Many churches consider the Vatican's ban on blessings to be wrong. Homosexual couples are now being blessed throughout Germany under the motto #liebegewinnt.more

  • Gay series "All you need" : And that's just as well

    Nuns in primetime, queer characters in the media library: ARD brings the first gay German TV series - in the media library. By Markus Ehrenbergmore

  • Because of trans-hostility : Lesbian spring meeting under criticism

    The lesbian spring meeting is the oldest meeting for lesbian women in Germany. It is now being criticized for being trans-hostile by contributors. By Vanessa Fischermore

  • Exclusive demand for reform of the law of parentage : "With this federal government there will be no reform for rainbow families"

    FDP MPs are calling for a reform of the law of parentage to be initiated before the end of this electoral term. But the government still seems at odds. By Inga Hofmannmehr

  • On the death of Olympia Dukakis : The good soul of Barbary Lane

    She won an Oscar with "Moonstruck" and made TV history with "City Stories". Now the US actress Olympia Dukakis has died. From Nadine Langemehr

  • Advancement ambitions of the Berlin handball players : Everything Müller at the Spreefüxxen

    A couple makes the Spreefüxxe dream of the Bundesliga: Susann is sitting in the coaching bench - her wife Nina is on the field. From Carolin Paulmehr

  • Christopher Street Day in Berlin : Another date announced in July

    The traditional CSD is scheduled to start on July 24th at Nollendorfplatz. This means that three large Pride parades are now planned in Berlin. From Nadine Langemehr

  • New manga label Hayabusa : Boys in love and a pack of cuteness

    The new Hayabusa label from Carlsen Verlag brings out mangas for young women - there is also a lot for queers. From Nadine Langemehr

  • Achan Malonda on the Star Pride : "We have to talk about intersectional discrimination"

    Singer Achan Malonda is a team member of the CSD Berlin Pride. A conversation about the Stern-Demo, rooms for queer PoCs and discrimination in the BVG. By Inga Hofmannmehr

  • Too private for Holocaust research? : Those who address taboos are sued by their descendants

    If research on the Shoah contradicts family narratives or if a queer relationship is told in the concentration camp, relatives of victims and perpetrators intervene. More from Christoph David Piorkowski

  • Motion of the left in the Bundestag : Better health care for trans people

    Trans people face major hurdles in the healthcare system. The left has now introduced a corresponding motion that could change something. By Inga Hofmannmehr

  • Anti-lesbian incidents in Berlin : "Violence is often trivialized or not perceived as such"

    The anti-violence project L-Support publishes the reported cases of anti-lesbian attacks. Most of them happen in public spaces. By Inga Hofmannmehr

  • East Pride demo to the CSD : "Queer GDR story that needs to be told"

    East Pride is also part of the planned CSD star demo in Berlin in June. A conversation with the organizers about queer resistance in the GDR and why it should be remembered with its own demo. By Jana Demnitzmore

  • CDU politician Diana Kinnert in an interview : "I rarely meet party colleagues who are like me"

    Diana Kinnert is lesbian, has a history of migration and works for the CDU. A conversation about loneliness, on which she has just published a book. By Sebastian Goddemeiermore