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German-Swedish dictionary

Swedish is more than just a language

One of the surprising things that you notice when you open a German-Swedish dictionary is the many similarities between the two languages. Swedish and German both belong to the family of Germanic languages. Swedish is a very easy language to learn; if you have a Langenscheidt German-Swedish dictionary at hand, learning should work without any problems. Swedish is much easier than German - at least if you look at it from the grammatical side. Swedish doesn't have tons of case declensions, verb conjugations, or too many irregular verbs.

One of the best reasons to learn Swedish is that the language opens many doors. Anyone who knows Swedish will have no problems learning Norwegian or Danish. Swedish is one of the most important Scandinavian languages. Therefore, you should always have your Swedish dictionary to hand. Swedish is also one of the official languages ​​in Finland.

The Langenscheidt German-Swedish dictionary is a must have

The revised German-Swedish dictionary, based on the Swedish pocket dictionary, contains around 220,000 keywords, phrases and translations. The content goes far beyond the general vocabulary of modern Swedish. Important terms from the fields of culture, science, technology, business, politics and sport are provided. With the help of a selection of descriptive explanations, abbreviations in specialist areas and grammatical levels of style, users are always guided to the correct translation.

Wherever and whenever there is a need - search the Swedish dictionary!

Whether at home, on a Swedish translation project or at university learning Swedish for the next exam - the German-Swedish dictionary is always just a click away. On the desktop computer you can easily look up the Langenscheidt Swedish dictionary. You can also call up the dictionary on your tablet or mobile phone. Our language products can be viewed anywhere and are very easy to use, no matter how big or small the device is.

About Langenscheidt:

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Learning Swedish is fun!

Swedish is a beautiful language with a unique melody. Swedish words have two tones: strong and weak. When you speak Swedish it feels like you're singing. This is the most fun experience in learning. If you look up the Swedish dictionary you will find that there are three special letters in the Swedish alphabet: ä and ö sound similar to the familiar letters ä and ö. Å, on the other hand, is a rather unknown letter for the German native speaker. It is pronounced like a long "o".

The letter search in the German-Swedish dictionary

With just one click of the mouse, you can search the German-Swedish dictionary individually by letter. You can see all matching Swedish translations, synonyms and phrases in the German-Swedish dictionary by clicking on a word in the list.