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04.10.2017 17:28

How Music Influences the Fashion Industry - New book sheds light on the music industry's influence on fashion

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"Fashion & Music" is one of the latest book releases in the "Springer Series in Fashion Business". Prof. Dr. With his new book, Jochen Strähle provides a better understanding of the effects of the digital revolution on the music industry and the resulting changes in the fashion industry.

Extreme competition, ever faster changing trends and changing customer demands are just some of the challenges the fashion industry is currently facing. In addition, the fashion industry is heavily influenced by the digital revolution in the music industry. The digital revolution has changed individual music consumption. In his new book, Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle that this also has an impact on fashion consumption. If you want to align the strategies of the fashion stores with the new demands of fashion consumers, an understanding of these processes is necessary.

“The central thesis is that digitization has changed the rules of the traditional value chain in the music industry. It influences both the production and the consumption of music, ”explains Jochen Strähle. "This change is having a huge impact on the fashion industry as the music industry has set many fashion trends."

In his book, Strähle first explains the social perspective of fashion and music. He analyzes music as an important influence on fashion trends both theoretically and on the basis of a case study that shows the importance of the grunge movement around Kurt Cobain von Nirvana for today's fashion industry. Afterwards, Strähle discusses the role of music in the fashion industry. Finally, Strähle draws possible lessons for the fashion industry from experience in the music industry. The integration of consumers in the creation process via co-design and direct, almost personal communication via social media play a central role here. The starting point here are analyzes of the digital revolution and the history of the origins of crowdfunding.

Strähle sees the disappearance of the trend source music and the ever faster changing trends within the fashion industry as the reason for the increased competition and, consequently, greater price pressure. “In the future, more intensive research in the fashion and music industry will therefore be necessary in order to find solutions such as new business models for the new challenges,” says Strähle.

About the author:
Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle is an international fashion management specialist who was trained at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Universidade de Coimbra and the University of London / Paris. He is considered one of the influencing factors in the field of fashion retailing and is a well-known fashion management expert for TV & radio. Before his professorship at Reutlingen University, Jochen Strähle was CEO of the largest online fashion retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. He has written down his experiences from several management positions in the fashion industry in various countries in six books. Today he works as a professor for international fashion management at the faculty of textile and design at Reutlingen University.

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