How can you become a freelance copywriter

Make money as a copywriter

For some, writing is a horror: Even after minutes of pondering, the fingers don't want to type anything legible on the keyboard. For others, however, writing is not only easy, they are creatively absorbed in it. So it makes sense to turn your hobby into a profession and drive it forward in a self-determined manner. In terms of the importance of high-quality texts on the Internet, there will be a fundamental trend in the coming years growing demand, as good and optimized content plays a critical role in success. No blog, company or internet shop will be successful in the long run without adding high-quality content. And this is exactly where there is enough work waiting for freelance copywriters / writers.

What creative minds learn about self-employment as an author in this article

This article aims to shed a practical light on how one can earn money with texts on the Internet in order to build up a freelance existence. It should be about practical considerations that shed light on all essential success factors. In addition to opportunities and risks, it will also deal with order acquisition, price calculation and legal aspects. A conclusion as well as the compact list of key factors should enable interested parties to examine existing plans carefully and to undertake the necessary strategic orientation.

Formal and strategic aspects: what do I have to consider as an online author?

Anyone who wants to take up a full-time activity as an author should do so with the responsible person Tax officeSign in. As a rule, a short, informal notification of the commencement of such writing is sufficient. As a rule, the tax office will consider such an activity self-employed rate, as it is an artistic activity within the meaning of the law. Freelancers have the advantage of not having to register a business, and the tax return is also quite simple, as it is basically a simple one Income surplus calculation (EÜR) sufficient. At the beginning it is also recommended that the Small business regulation in order to first be exempt from sales tax. As a result, the accounting effort is essentially limited to the creation of invoices, so that the entire workforce can be invested in the paperwork. There is no specific professional qualification in the narrower sense, but studying linguistics is certainly a great advantage. With such a qualification in hand, the tax office will grant the status of freelancer without any problems. Such a qualification is also a potential legitimation for higher prices for customers. However, the qualification does not say anything about the actual quality that should be delivered in order to win customers over and to retain them over the long term.

A strong network is better than short-term ties

Long-term relationships or a solid customer base create a reliable income base. This approach allows significantly more planning security than constantly chasing after new orders. Of course, every writer should get one own website and optimize it, if only to advertise his writing skills in the sense of a legible business card. However, it can happen very quickly that the inquiries exceed your own capacities and, in the worst case, the quality of the texts suffers. In this respect, it seems more sustainable to get a network and firm customer relationships to build up. A permanent income base can be secured through cooperation with web portals or advertising agencies or online shops. The alternative would be to constantly wait for new inquiries, although these first have to be converted into an order. Overall, it is strategically smart to diversify your order base so that there is always work to be done and money to be made. Every freelancer can never know for sure when and if new jobs will come. Online copywriters have the advantage, even on numerous Portals, such as. to be able to fall back on which orders are actually always available. However, in writing practice it is usually the case that you are rated worse at the beginning and have to 'write up' yourself first. Ultimately, with an increasing quality level, the profit margins also increase significantly. Specifically, this means that the first 1 or 2 years are difficult. It is important to build up a customer base, to increase your status on writing portals and also to consistently improve your own skills. One thing is clear: the faster and more efficiently a copywriter writes, the more he earns. Sloppy work leads to corrections that cost time and money, as they are usually not remunerated separately. In addition, customers are deterred, which runs counter to the desirable goal of long-term loyalty.

Every word counts: opportunities and risks highlighted in a compact way

The financial risks are very limited, because basically at all no investment costs available. All you need is a PC, an Internet connection and a telephone. That should be there one way or another. If you use a small office, you can even claim this on your tax return. Although the income situation is uncertain in the first few months, there is actually no need to bring in a lot of money. Since the demand for texts will remain high in the coming years, there should be a constant income base. A potential risk is revealed by the Competition from large text portalsthat deliver pure mass. A single author cannot deliver 100 texts in 3 days, nor can that be his claim. On the other hand, however, many customers want one personal contact person and one consistent writing stylethat is reliable. Here lies the chance for creative lone fighters! Anyone who orders 100 texts from a portal sometimes has 100 different writing styles that look anything but harmonious on a website. Another question to be asked is whether an author can concentrate on certain subject areas or write more or less about everything. The latter is of course a great advantage in terms of order acquisition, but it should not be forgotten that long research reduces one's own earnings. Also, no arbitrariness should creep in: Better not everything than everything and nothing right! If you want to be successful, you have to learn to use your resources efficiently. Of course, this also includes rejecting unfavorable orders, unless long-term cooperation beckons.

Customer acquisition: How can orders be won?

Offer an easy entry Text exchanges (e.g., since the aspect of acquisition is completely omitted here. In addition, it is also possible to build up your own customer relationships on such platforms, which lead to better-paying orders. However, the quality has to be right: If you convince customers not only with the first order, but also with the following, you will be able to retain them in the long term. The first order or impression in particular plays a very important role (a sample text for quality assessment must also be submitted for the above-mentioned text platforms). Otherwise customers can be won through their own website and business platforms such as Xing. Those who work professionally and quality-oriented will get a growing customer base themselves, because recommendations also play a major role in the virtual space. Even if it seems difficult at the beginning, the demand will increase significantly, which, however, requires consistent quality.

The time factor: aspects of price calculation

If you want to sell texts online, you should orientate yourself towards the competition. Said platforms, for example, offer several Quality levels to give the first price information. Of course, you should also orientate yourself on competing websites. A special qualification can justify higher prices, but they should be within the usual range. It should be noted that potential clients can draw on a wealth of opportunities. Every aspiring writer should realize that the time factor is crucial: the faster someone writes, the more they earn. If you sit for hours on a text, you won't be able to earn enough for a living. The indispensable research also determines the earnings: Here, too, work efficiency decides on the earning opportunities. In this respect, it can make sense to reject topics in which you have no idea yourself. Customers want transparency with regard to costs, so the risk of the time factor will mostly remain with the author: Customers usually pay a fixed price per word. This makes it clear why the (working) time factor is all-important. Also the Word price determined by the income situation: the lower the price per word, the more volume has to be dealt with per day. The long-term advantage of firm customer loyalty, on the other hand, is shown in the fact that price increases due to proven quality are mostly tolerated.

Which legal aspects have to be considered

In addition to registering with the tax office, this is above all copyright around the created texts strictly to be observed. All texts must be written independently (keyword unique content), they must not just be copied. Otherwise the author risks Copyright problemsthat sometimes costly consequences can have. Customers are also not helped with copied texts, as these are absolutely counterproductive for the search engine optimization they are aiming for. In this respect, the text delivery should show that the content is unique (such a check is offered by, for example). In addition, the author should make it clear in his terms and conditions that he is accepting the Assigns rights to the texts after delivery and you Not sold again. In this way, essential legal certainty is created for the customer. Of course, there are also costs for health insurance and private pension provision to consider. In principle, freelancers also have access to private health insurance. It is also possible to register with the artists' social insurance, which also pays contributions to the pension insurance. It is important to find out about the admission requirements in each specific case. Ultimately, each author still has to decide for himself how he wants to structure the payment process against an invoice: Should the customer pay in advance? Are 50% of the order due immediately? Or is it not billed until the end? In addition to liquidity aspects, the individual risk should be weighed. One of the greatest financial risks of doing this is that customers will fail to pay invoices that are due.

Conclusion and outlook on the topic of 'Earning money with texts on the Internet'

The following article has made it clear that money can be earned with writing skills very well and, above all, in the long term on the Internet. In addition to formal and strategic aspects that were addressed here in a practice-oriented manner, the time factor appears to be central: If you want to be permanently successful and achieve good hourly wages, you have to quickly and efficiently can work. Unusual about thematic issues, a lack of structure, a 1-finger search system when typing, and highly fluctuating quality are the natural enemies of a writer. It goes without saying that empirical values ​​help to improve one's own way of working. In this respect, the first 2 years may be difficult, but after that a network can be used that enables a good income base without major acquisition costs. You should never forget that texts are always a question of taste: criticisms and necessary corrections are therefore no reason to be offended if you work professionally. To work efficiently, it must of course also include the customer's wishes in a briefing in advance (content, scope, target group, keywords, etc.). This ensures that you hit the bull's eye right away.

Earning money as a copywriter / author on the Internet: Summary of the most important aspects

  • The activity must be formally registered with the tax office
  • As a rule, a freelance work is recognized (a linguistic degree can be an advantage)
  • Legal risks: Texts must be written by yourself (observe copyright law), upon delivery the author assigns the rights to the texts
  • When calculating the price, the author usually bears the risk for the time factor (billing via word price) => thus the work efficiency decides on the income situation / hourly wage
  • strategically it is wise to build a network and diversify the acquisition of orders so that there is always something to do
  • Text platforms are a good starting point to test your skills and to get an impression of the requirements
  • Consistently high (reliable!) quality is the best way to retain customers and receive recommendations