Have you ever seen a girl pee?

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1.) How old are you? 16

2.) How often do you have to pee a day? 8-12 times

3.) Do you often have to go to the bathroom at night? sometimes

4.) Where have you been peeing anywhere except on a toilet? forest, garden when i was little * G *, lake, swimming pool, field, etc.

5.) If you are in the shower or in the bathtub and do you have to go to the toilet or do you just let it run? If you let it go, how do you stand then? where are you going? ' safe in the tub ... uh ... in the shower, not particularly ... I shower and pee * g *

6.) Do you sometimes pee in the swimming pool (indoor or outdoor pool)? jopp both..is disgusting but well ... the toilets are disgusting..so your own fault; b

If so, why are you doing this? Don't you think that's gross or unsanitary? How do you do it so that nobody notices as much as possible? pee while swimming * g * sure it's disgusting ... unhygienic but not ... chlorine kills everything

7.) Let's be honest! In the swimming pools, especially the outdoor pools, the changing rooms smell very suspiciously. Have you ever peeed or caught someone peeing in a locker room? I don't think it smells "suspicious" I've never peed there ... so really lol

If so: what kind of swimming pool was that? What kind of cabins? Why did you / he / she do this? How did you / he / she do it? Where exactly? (Floor or drain)? /

8.) Have you ever accidentally put it in your panties or pants ??? Except as a baby or toddler! yes, laughing

If so, how did it come about? Why? where were you there? what were you wearing? Splash or dam break? sometimes splashes, sometimes dam break * g * while laughing ... the last time last year on the FT from a horse forum an nem seh in a bikini * gg *

9.) Have you ever been to a major event (concert) and had to, but couldn't go to the bathroom because the toilets were too dirty, the line in front of them was too big or you didn't want to lose your place in front of the stars? nope, always go to the toilet at home beforehand

If so: what was that about? what then did? /

10.) What was the most unusual or unusual place you have ever done your business? Why did you have to be there? how did you do where? what was exceptional? don't know * g *

11.) Have you ever peeed in one of the following places or seen who was there: kitchen, sink, elevator, stairwell, parking garage, basement, hallway, car, bus, train, cinema (everything except the toilet), special container. nope

If so: please tell us briefly about it (why, how, where ...) /

12.) Have you ever seen a strange girl / woman pee in a fancy place? (Girlfriend, sister, stranger ...) nope

If yes, where? how old was she? how did she what was she wearing? what could you see /

13.) When you go to the toilet at parties or something like that, it can happen that one of you !! just pee on the edge of the bath tub that Bidee or the sink was sitting on while someone else was sitting on the toilet ??? nope

If so: where was that? at what? Why? how? /

14.) Have you ever stood in a long traffic jam during the day and urgently had to go to the toilet, but there was a small rest area far and wide? nope

15.) Have you ever pissed your pants because of too much alcohol? nope

16.) What kind of question would you ask if you had to do a survey on this topic? would do so ne survey net you definitely have a slight NS fetish; b