What is your own creative pizza

Hardly anyone can resist a wonderfully fragrant pizza. If the savory delicacy from the oven is also homemade, it tastes twice as good. Stilpalast shows you how you can prepare the base dough and the tomato sauce quickly and easily and also presents great pizza recipes.

The ultimate pizza batter

For the perfect pizza you not only need delicious ingredients for topping, but above all a really good dough. And this is actually very easy to manufacture. If you want to go quickly, you can of course also buy the dough for the following recipes ready-made. But you will quickly notice that it simply tastes best homemade.

Blitz pizza tomato sauce

The tomato sauce on the pizza is also a science in itself. We like the uncooked version best, as it tastes significantly fresher than the classic cooked tomato sauce. Another advantage: The Blitz Pizza Sauce is prepared in no time and does not have to simmer for a long time in the pot.

Pizza "Margherita D.O.C."

The two main ingredients of a Margherita pizza are tomatoes and mozzarella. Instead of using a conventional mozzarella made from cow's milk, which is almost tasteless, we choose “Margherita D.O.C.” for our pizza. a high quality buffalo mozzarella. This tastes aromatic, slightly salty and is wonderfully creamy on the inside.

Pizza Bufalo

A crispy base, creamy Mozzarella di Bufalo, pesto sauce and sweet cherry tomatoes merge here into a wonderful pizza meal. The dough is blind baked and later topped with green pesto sauce, the baked tomatoes and the fresh buffalo mozzarella while crispy.

Pizza "Aglio e Olio" with prawns

The combination of prawns, garlic and parsley-olive oil will make you float in your mind in southern climes. Because what tastes wonderfully aromatic with spaghetti is of course also an absolute delight on pizza. The fresh parsley also combats the side effects of garlic a little here.

Inverted pizza with salciccia

All gourmets who love the classy, ​​rustic and extraordinary will be delighted by this perverted pizza from the pan. We have given the delicious and easy-to-make creation of tomato sauce, salciccia and mozzarella a top spot in our pizza favorites list.

Chorizo ​​and pepperoni pizza

Do you love it fiery and spicy? Then this Spanish-themed pizza with chorizo ​​and pepperoni is definitely your favorite. The fresh herbs and lemon juice ensure a little explosion of taste, because they only refine the pizza after baking.

"Antipasti" pizza

Instead of enjoying a wonderful antipasti plate with marinated vegetables, rocket and parmesan as a starter, we simply put it on the pizza and create a vegetarian variant. Make sure to cut the vegetables as thinly as possible so that they can be cooked in the oven in the short time.

Light 4 cheese pizza

This extremely delicious pizza is one of our favorite lightning meals. Because it lies on the table ready to eat in less than 30 minutes, tastes wonderfully light despite the cheese topping and is not heavy on the stomach. We each use a purchased spelled pizza dough and a ready-made pizza tomato sauce. If you like, you can of course do both yourself.

Avocado pizza

When we first looked at the list of ingredients, we were honestly a bit skeptical as to whether this vegetarian pizza tasted really good. However, the test result blew us away: The unusual and light topping tastes incredibly good and is not heavy on the stomach after it has been enjoyed.

Pizza "Carpaccio di Manzo e Tartufo"

May we introduce: our gourmet pizza, topped with beef carpaccio, rocket and parmesan, refined with a dash of truffle oil. Cut into small pieces, this pizza is also perfect as a fine appetizer in front of an Italian menu.

Figalicious pizza

This pizza is a little star, because the exquisite variant with figs, Parma ham and crème fraîche was invented by none other than Roger Federer. On the fringes of a tennis tournament in Shanghai, the tennis maestro also tried his hand at being a pizza maker and created the exotic “Figalicious” pizza.

Pizza "Salmone e Spinaci"

A classic reinterpreted: instead of tomato sauce and mozzarella, we use horseradish cantadou as a base for the pizza, we use smoked salmon as an alternative to raw salmon cubes and instead of frozen spinach we use the fresh variant. The main ingredients are also only put on the pizza after baking. A feast for the eye and the palate!

Hawaii meets Switzerland

Based on the world-famous Hawaiian pizza, we have created a Swiss variation with raclette cheese. Our guests were enthusiastic about the juicy and hearty pizza meal, which spreads a wonderful South Sea feeling with a pinch of hut romance on a cold winter evening.

Pizza galettes for brunch

A hearty cream cheese cream with spring onions, sweet cherry tomatoes and fine spices make these pizza galettes a culinary highlight for every Sunday brunch or uncomplicated dinner. On a cool day, it's best to serve the flavor bomb straight out of the oven.

Pizza "Provence"

The spicy, aromatic scent of this wonderful pizza reminds us of the beautiful Provence. With cream cheese, lots of zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, this creation trumps even without meat. No wonder it is loved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Tomato pizza with egg

There are dishes that we like to prepare again and again because, on the one hand, they taste very tasty and, on the other hand, they can be conjured up on the table with very little effort. The tomato pizza with egg is one of these favorite quick dishes. We are happy to serve them on Sundays for a late brunch or an uncomplicated dinner or at a party with family or friends. - See more at: http://www.stilpalast.ch/savoir-vivre/genuss/timmern-pizza-mit-ei-5507#sthash.LMI8EHWs.dpuf

Multicolore pizza

The colorful cherry tomatoes (yellow, red and olive green) gave this pizza its name. Accompanied by a crispy spelled pizza base, a delicious tomato sauce as well as creamy buffalo mozzarella and fresh rocket, the tasty mini tomatoes make a heavenly and healthy culinary delight.