Flight attendants flirt with passengers

Airline survey: What flight attendants hate most about passengers

Flight attendants blaspheme the passengers behind the curtain, even if they have learned to keep up appearances. The travel portal Skyscanner asked 700 international flight attendants from 85 countries: What do you hate most about your guests on board? Which guys do you find really unsympathetic? Read the answers here.

The fingerschnipper

Worst of all: the finger snippers. Stewards and stewardesses can't stand to be called over by annoying flicks and dodging (26 percent). An absolute no-go. Better let it be, otherwise you'll be through in a moment.

In second place: the hectic people. The flight attendants find it really annoying when guests jump up immediately after landing, even before the seat belt signs have gone out (13 percent), although it can be seen that standing around haphazardly and jostling does nothing at all before the doors are even opened. A behavior that is annoying.

The overhead locker

Third: the dreaded overhead lockers. They are very common and annoying: flight attendants can't stand it when passengers try to constantly put too much in the overhead bins (eleven percent) and sloppily distribute their stuff over several compartments. Usually the steward then has to clear away after the passengers.

This leads to the fourth hated behavior: the moment passengers have clogged the compartments, the complainers speak up. They promptly complain to the flight attendants that there is not enough space for their luggage (ten percent).

Fifth: the ignoramuses. Frequent flyers in particular consider it superfluous to be quiet during the safety demonstration and just keep talking loudly. The ignorant do not care that there are also young or insecure passengers who find it comforting to know where the emergency exits are.

Sixth, the spoiled, mostly female passengers. They immediately ask for pillows and blankets, no matter how high the temperature is on board (eight percent), for fear that they will not get any more blankets or pillows later.

The garbage pigs

Seventh: the garbage pigs (seven percent). As soon as they have torn open the first peanut package, for example, they crumple the rubbish into the seat pocket as if it were a garbage disposal. After a long-haul flight, some rows of seats look like they are in the garbage dump.

What else is annoying? Those who want different food keep ringing the doorbell to complain about the temperature (too cold / too warm), those who want a certain drink of a certain brand, and passengers rummaging around in the duty-free cart.

The perfect passenger

And is there also the perfect, polite passenger? There is. He is male, traveling alone and in his mid-thirties. He is also not a business traveler, but a good-humored vacationer. Incidentally, he usually sits in economy class. Obviously, most of the finger snippers can be found in business and first class.