Why is it important to get married before 30

Social pressure in ChinaChild, get married at last!

In China there is unbelievably great social pressure to be married by the age of 30 at the latest. Unmarried women are referred to as "leftover women" and homosexuals marry of convenience.

To be 30 years old in China and not be married is tough. You get a lot of pressure from your parents. Especially at the recently celebrated Chinese New Year, where it is an absolute tradition to go home to their parents, many of the younger generation around 30 should have listened to a lot.

Pressure is put on women in particular. For unmarried women - actually from the age of 25 - there is the unspeakable term "remaining women" or "Sheng nu".

"A friend of mine regularly bursts into tears when she goes home. She doesn't have a husband and her mother keeps asking her what to do next."
Steffen Wurzel, DRadio Wissen, about his experiences in China
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Children in China are a kind of life insurance for their parents' generation. They provide for them in old age, also financially. Single men usually have it a little easier than women, provided they have a good job. Women are still often seen as appendages to the man. The classic family image in China is still: man, woman, child. Maybe two kids. Meanwhile.

Homosexuals lead bogus marriages

It is especially difficult for homosexual couples. There are estimates that 90 percent of gays and lesbians in China make a marriage sham - so as not to have trouble at home. However, it cannot be verified whether the number is correct.

"In China it is important to keep up appearances; to make a good face."
Steffen Wurzel, DRadio Wissen, about the Chinese culture

However, there are also modern families in China in which the unmarried children are not put under so much pressure. There is a strong gap between the urban and rural populations. Economic independence is also decisive for how much pressure is put on unmarried women and men. And let's take it as a positive sign: It's growing steadily in China.