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Should men shave their legs too?

That's why competitive athletes shave their legs

Especially with cyclists and swimmers, leg shaving has long been the norm. The muscles of the professionals are constantly kneaded and shaved body parts can be massaged more comfortably. If a cyclist falls off his bike, he can clean his skin abrasions more easily - the risk of infection is reduced. Creams do not stick to the hair. Plasters and tapes adhere better and are removed without pain.

Swimmers glide better through the water, and hair also seems counterproductive on land: Cristiano Ronaldo has no hair on his entire body - except on his head. "It depends on the little things in order to become even faster. Every body hair is annoying," said the world footballer in an interview. Athletes train regularly and are accordingly often dirty and sweaty. Without hair, dirt is easier to wash off and care products to be applied more easily.

Men have beautiful legs too

Ego, hygiene and (medical) comfort are also essential arguments that speak in favor of using a razor aside from professional competitive sports. Critics like to label shaved men as androgynous, but a smooth leg actually emphasizes the leg muscles. Why steel his calves and thighs in the gym for hours and then hide them behind a jungle? After all, it's not just women who have beautiful legs.

The leg shave can also go wrong

However, it is not always a good idea to pick up the razor yourself. An example from professional sport: Marco Asensio, soccer player at Real Madrid, was once unable to play in a Champions League game. The reason: an inflammation after a leg hair shave. An improper shave caused a pimple to become infected (on the leg) and he was therefore unable to put on his socks.

Marco Asensio even missed a Champions League appearance - because of a failed leg shave.

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In order for the leg shave to work, you should pay attention to these tips and tricks

Before using the razor itself, shorten your hair with a trimmer or hair clipper.

Option 1: Apply shaving foam or gel to the stubble. Always go in the direction of growth with a special wet razor - if you have thick, stubborn leg hair. With lighter, gentle hair growth, it is also possible to shave against the direction of growth, this is more thorough and saves time. The disadvantage of the method: the hair grows back relatively quickly. You can of course also rely on electric shavers. Tip: start at a 90-degree angle and move against the grain.

Option 2: An alternative is hair removal cream, which is painless but also a chemical club. Its effect is controversial. Epilators are extremely painful, but it takes much longer for new hair to grow back. The situation is similar with wax strips.

Afterwards, care for and soothe your skin with all methods with body lotion or an aftershave gel (both without alcohol).

As soon as a pimple or ingrown hair becomes infected, see a dermatologist. This is no fun.

GQ thinks: No leg shave? No broken leg!

Please consider: Anyone who has ever started to shave their legs opens up a new construction site. Especially in winter, even the smallest stubble is annoying on your leg, as it rubs against your trousers. You also have to ask yourself whether you want to add this complex chapter to the morning care routine. And: Perhaps the better half also likes men who have cheeky unshaven legs. There is sometimes a fine line between being well-groomed and over-groomed. Conclusion: Shaved legs are undoubtedly aesthetic for well-trained men and they may even be essential for swimmers and cyclists - but they are definitely not a must have for all other men.