What are the benefits of a light breakfast

Fit for the day! 30 breakfast ideas that are healthy and delicious

Oats & Porridge - Healthy breakfast made from flakes

Baked oatmeal with apples and blueberries

You only know oatmeal with milk from the bowl? Lets go on we can do it better! Bake your healthy breakfast with this juicy oatmeal casserole and enjoy it piece by piece - even on the go. Thanks to fresh apples, applesauce and blueberries, the casserole is also extra fruity. To the recipe

Tropical white oats

If your vacation is still a long way off, then simply dream your way to Thailand with a large bowl of oats. All you need is a full load of coconut, oatmeal, vanilla and a large serving of tropical fruits. Mango, lychee, kiwi, pineapple - the choice is yours. To the recipe

Quick breakfast with coconut oatmeal, raspberries and skyr

Are you running out of time again in the morning? Don't panic, there is always time for a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal, desiccated coconut, skyr and raspberry sauce are piled up in the bowl in no time at all. To the recipe

Peach and almond porridge

If champagne is allowed for breakfast, then amaretto is always. That's why you can put a good shot in your porridge. This is also accompanied by soy almond milk, agave syrup, vanilla and chia seeds. To the recipe

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Pudding oats

What is a dream for dessert is for breakfast anyway. Make yourself some custard for breakfast. Oatmeal pudding, so to speak. To make it extra creamy, Skyr is added to the bowl and accompanied by chia seeds and almond milk. To the recipe

Pudding oats © Yvonne Erfurth | Experiments from my kitchen

Pancakes - Healthy breakfast straight from the pan

Chai hazelnut pancakes

Maras pancakes have it all. Because they are packed to the top with good things. With almond milk, chai tea, hazelnuts, vanilla and a little maple syrup instead of sugar. If that weren't enough, Mara also tops her cakes with a raspberry and pear compote and a low-sugar nut and chocolate spread. To the recipe

Almond pancakes with elderflower ricotta and strawberries

If life gives you almonds, make pancakes out of them. What else goes into the dough: Mineral water for the extra portion of fluffiness and coconut blossom sugar for the sweetness. Daniela serves ricotta with elderflower syrup and roasted vanilla strawberries as a topping. To the recipe

Gluten-free pancakes made from buckwheat

You only need 5 ingredients to conjure up super fluffy pancakes. Milk, eggs, agave syrup, baking powder and buckwheat flour. Thanks to the latter, the small cakes are also gluten-free. To the recipe

Rye pancakes with strawberry and orange syrup

The foodista's pancakes are almost classic. There is even a little wheat flour mixed in here. But only as a sparring partner to the nutty rye flour. And instead of traditional sugar, a little vanilla sugar is used for sweetening. The real highlight, however, is the fruity summer syrup made from strawberries and oranges. To the recipe

Buckwheat pancakes with strawberry and rhubarb compote

Denise is very enthusiastic about her pancake creation herself. Because their cakes with sweet rhubarb and strawberry compote as a topping are vegan, gluten-free, fill you up and are a really healthy breakfast. Jackpot! To the recipe

Pancake shashlik

At your next pancake party, you can leave your fork and knife in the drawer. Simply bake the cakes in mini format and skewer them alternately with strawberries, kiwi, star fruit and the like. There is a nut nougat cream of your choice for dipping. To the recipe

Avocado and blueberry pancakes

No, no, the pancakes did not grow mold. Their green color is intentional. An avocado has sneaked under the dough. Combined with flour, nutmeg, sugar, egg and coconut oil, it turns into fluffy pancakes that are also super healthy. Your healthy breakfast is so green! To the recipe

Muesli - healthy breakfast with a bite

Sugar-free chocolate granola

If it cracks with every bite, then you've done everything right. Monika lets it rip with walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, coconut and cocoa at the breakfast table - and without a guilty conscience. To the recipe

Two kinds of granola

For all those who suffer from acute reluctance to make decisions: There is a solution. Just make two different types of muesli and mix them as you like. At Kaja, cocoa-coconut-walnut and pistachio-cranberry granola end up in the cereal bowl. To the recipe

Crunchy cereal with pecans

When oatmeal, nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, honey and cane sugar slowly crunch in the oven, you can hardly wait until you can finally top it all with milk and fruit. Promised! To the recipe

Crunchy muesli with macadamia, blueberries and orange

The best thing about homemade granola: you can mix it up any way you like. With Jessica, for example, oatmeal, macadamias, cinnamon and orange syrup end up in the bowl. After 15 minutes you can look forward to fresh homemade crunchy muesli. To the recipe

Granola with figs and pollen

A bouquet of flowers for breakfast. Or at least something like that. Instead of fresh flowers, Jennifer mixes a handful of pollen under her muesli. They give the muesli made from chia seeds, oat flakes, almond kernels, pumpkin seeds and figs a fine, sweet note. So you can safely save yourself the sugar. To the recipe

Crunchy muesli with cranberries and nuts

If you thought that was all about exciting muesli ideas, then you should definitely stop by Ines. Their crunchy muesli made from sunflower seeds, pecans and oat flakes especially impresses with fine aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, orange and cranberries. To the recipe

Smoothie Bowls - Healthy breakfast to be spooned

Kiwi smoothie bowl

If you have a little decoration in you, then the foodistas have the perfect breakfast for you. Garnish your summery light smoothie bowl made of buttermilk quark, apricots, honey and coconut blossom sugar with a colorful variety of fruits and nuts. To the recipe

Rainbow smoothie bowl

A piece of the rainbow for breakfast. Nothing easier than that. All you need are raspberries, yoghurt, banana, gold linseed and a mix of brightly colored fruits such as kiwi, khaki and pitaya. To the recipe

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Raspberry smoothie bowl

Enjoyment can be so easy. Take frozen raspberries, banana, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, strawberries and almonds and conjure up a bit of luck with a spoon. To the recipe

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Vegan scrambled eggs with tofu

Wait a minute - scrambled eggs vegan? Of course. Instead of a chicken egg, tofu is simply stirred in the pan. Together with soy yoghurt, turmeric, nutmeg, paprika powder and kala namak (Indian black salt), it becomes a spicy delicacy that is in no way inferior to the original. To the recipe

Oat Breakfast Cookies