How can you overcome shyness?

Get started with over 50 and overcome shyness

From dance lessons to hugs, these simple things will help you overcome your shyness and increase your confidence.

Most of us know them: situations in which our Self-confidence sinks into the basement. We often hide in the background - whether at work, with relationship problems or even when we are not comfortable with our figure.

For others, shyness is even a daily companion - after all, we're not all born for the spotlight. If you've noticed that you've been feeling less confident lately, or struggling to get ahead in your job or social environment, then this is it time to act. And there are good reasons for this: Did you know that studies show that greater self-confidence leads to greater success in your job and in life? Other research even shows that in dealing with our fellow human beings Confidence is more important than competence.

We have selected four typical scenarios and show you how you can overcome your shyness.

1. Do you find conversation difficult? Use your empathy!

Good news first: being shy or introverted doesn't make you a bad dinner diner. Indeed, this can be apparent Weakness can even be beneficial. A recent study from Southern Illinois University showed that shy people are better at identifying other people's expressions and emotions. Use that to your advantage and ask lots of questionswhen you feel uncomfortable about telling too much about yourself. If you know who will be there, or what topics will come up, you can already know think about questions beforehand (or answers to questions you get asked a lot).

2. Do you feel insecure about your qualifications? Shift your focus!

If you're having trouble because of job insecurity or shyness, try to use this for yourself. A recent study showed that introverted leaders are even better at making their employees feel valued. Because you listen carefully to what your employees have to say. Instead of focusing on your own insecurities, consider the Focus on your colleagues - how can you help them? What can you learn from them? Or: Learn a whole new skill. With it you can not only shift your focus, but also slow down the mental aging process!

3. Do you deal with body complexes? Talk to yourself!

Getting older can be uncompromising. And most of us have noticed that our self-esteem also suffers because our looks are changing. Address these uncertainties by focusing on what your body does for you (or has done) than what he can't do or what he looks like. What do you love most about yourself? Every morning tell yourself how much you like yourself, maybe while you are getting dressed and looking in the mirror. Wonder if you would talk about the character of a friend or family member in the same way? If you can afford it invest in yourself - Take a good friend on a shopping spree and buy clothes that make you feel great and beautiful. Because: having an outfit ready in an emergency in which you feel completely comfortable will pay off. Which colors and fabrics do you like best? Make sure that special items of clothing receive the ideal care - Ariel heavy-duty liquid detergent gives your favorite clothes an exceptionally pure and long-lasting freshness, which helps you to shine with your newfound self-confidence.

4. Do you feel inferior in social interactions? Become a superhero!

The social psychologist Amy Cuddy coined the term "Power poses“Because you found that dominant postures lead to higher testosterone levels, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a more pronounced risk behavior (= Self-confidence) lead. So if you feel inferior, just take that Superhero Pose a: Stand straight, chest out and hands on hips. And think too positive. Every time a spark of uncertainty sparks in your head, remind yourself of your success and why people like you. Believe it or not, negative thoughts will soon be of secondary importance!

Do you know such situations and feelings? Perhaps you have developed tricks yourself to boost your self-confidence and overcome your shyness? Please share your experiences with us!