How to hang drywall without studs

Assembly of heavy objects without studs

In theory, these should work as long as you have a cavity behind the drywall. However, you shouldn't fully charge the wine rack. The weight rating for these is 143 lb in 1/2 "drywall; since you have 3/8" drywall, that rating drops to 97 lb.

The weight of the unit is 24 pounds and it is said that each shelf can hold 35 pounds. That's 94 pounds in total (and does that include the glassware on the bottom?). You will have 2 of the anchors, yes, but I wouldn't want to load more than 90 pounds on toggle bolts - I just wouldn't trust the drywall that much. Any level installation or uneven loading would skew these numbers, so I would stick to keeping them half full or less (hey, drink more wine!).

Alternatively, could you attach a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to the wall, hit the cleats, and then mount the wine rack onto the plywood? If your wall doesn't have studs, which ones does it have?


5 bottles don't add up anywhere near 35 pounds, however. I would (conservatively) charge 4 pounds. each, bringing the total to about 65 pounds. Four of these anchors would work well in half an inch drywall. I have doubts the OP actually has 3/8. If so, I would use six anchors.


Six 1.5 liter bottles of wine weigh about 40 pounds, so 5 of them would be very close to the 35 pound limit. Maybe 5 of these can't fit on a single shelf, but there are all kinds of differently shaped bottles.


Almost all of them are 750ml. I will trust our OR that it will not be loaded with magnums. :) :)


It can be 1/2 inch, I need to double check. Thank you for the helpful feedback :)