Why are the 50s the new 30s

1950s: market economy or socialism

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Adenauer era shaped politics in the 1950s. The social market economy is taking hold as the new economic order. There was talk of the "economic miracle" as early as the mid-1950s. Quite different in the GDR: It relies on a planned economy and, as a consequence, has to fight against a refugee movement to the West. With the establishment of the Stasi, the expansion of a comprehensive surveillance network begins.

"Fight Nuclear Death!"

With the "Göttingen Appell" in 1957, scientists protest against Adenauer's plans for atomic armament. Their manifesto becomes the basis for the campaign "Fight against atomic death". more

Rock 'n' Roll - The sound of rebellion

With rock 'n' roll, a new attitude towards life seized young people from the mid-1950s. Many clubs in Hamburg are dedicated to new music. The Beatles also perform there. more

When Elvis came to Germany

On October 1, 1958, the King of Rock 'n' Roll came to Germany to do his military service. Elvis stayed for a year and a half - a turning point in many ways. more

"The Tin Drum": A piece of world literature

In 1959 the debut novel "Die Blechtrommel" by the still unknown Günter Grass shakes up the country. After the Frankfurt Book Fair, he catapulted him into the ranks of the most important German authors. more

VHF: The wave of joy

In Schleswig-Holstein the radio stopped roaring on December 23, 1950. VHF is replacing medium wave as the main type of broadcast. more

1956: Foundation stone laid for Neu-Altona

Germany's largest construction project begins in April 1956: 11,000 apartments are to be built in Neu-Altona. The planners want to realize the vision of an ideal city there. more

The short dream of the nuclear ship

The largest German nuclear reactor goes into operation in Geesthacht in 1958. It is to be built into a ship. But the hope of revolutionizing shipping has not come true. more

When the "Gorch Fock" was launched

The "Gorch Fock" was launched on August 23, 1958 as the pride of the German Navy in Hamburg to cheers. However, fatal accidents and the explosion in renovation costs later made headlines. more

Missiles over the Wadden Sea

Autumn 1958: In Cuxhaven, a rocket takes off 50 kilometers into the atmosphere. Private researchers there tested various systems, including a mail rocket, for six years. more

DESY: On the trail of elementary particles

On December 18, 1959, the starting shot was given in Hamburg for one of the world's most important centers for research into matter. Since then, scientists at DESY have been exploring the nano-cosmos. more