Most Argentines are white

The thing with women in Argentina

“How are the girls in Argentina actually?” During and after my time in South America I was asked this one question again and again by friends and acquaintances.

To be honest, I had to wrestle with myself to finally tackle this post. Writing about this topic publicly requires a sure instinct, after all, it shouldn't come across as chauvinistic. Rather, it is an experience report and therefore very subjective.

First of all it should be said that I was in Argentina longer than the typical backpacker in individual places to learn the language and the culture better - during this time I got to know great people - and learned to love the country.

I was also traveling solo in Argentina, but not constantly looking like many other contemporaries who first gave themselves the edge in the party hostels and then went on the prowl.

The exotic factor

In any case, I have never seen so many beautiful women in any other South American country as in Argentina. Many Argentinians have European roots, in Buenos Aires mostly in Italy - the combination of Italian origins and South American temperament sounds extremely interesting, doesn't it?

In general, the exotic has its own charm - that is mostly based on reciprocity ... but more on that in a moment.

Machos and chameurs

Appearance plays a very important role for the Argentines from an early age - women sometimes spend hours "getting ready to go". And they are used to hearing pithy sayings, because the men here are macho at their best.

Especially when you have learned Spanish and understand the Argentine peculiarities, you often pay attention in the streets. What is sometimes called after girls there ... because your ears flicker.

At the Asado with Porteños, the topics of conversation happily alternated between football, politics and ... sex. What may seem rather strange in Germany is quite normal here - especially among men.

On the other hand, the Argentines are also excellent charmers, and there is even a word for them. The "Chamuyero" knows how to talk to a woman and how to win her over. So when you plunge into the nightlife, it's usually offensive. Some don't even bother talking.

More open dealings

In South America things are much more open than in Germany, this applies in all situations - even complete strangers are quickly integrated. This warmth and openness is unusual at first, but makes a lot of things easier.

At a party you can quickly get into conversation with girls and meet a lot of curiosity: “How is it in Germany? I think it's great that you're in Argentina, do you like it? "

No, it wasn't always just about dancing horizontal polka together in the end. The Argentines often see themselves as the Europeans in South America and always squint a little at the old continent and are therefore actually interested in conversations.

As a European one is often addressed

In general, Europeans in Argentina quickly attract interest. Often it was not me who took the initiative but was approached by women - in the bar but also in the club.

That was unusual, but admittedly, it was kind of cool at times and sometimes unexpected things developed out of it.

In Buenos Aires, for example, I met a friend from Australia for a beer when we were approached at the bar:

"Hey, what's your name? What, are you from Germany? Wait, I'll get my girlfriend who speaks German ”.

A few drinks later one of the 3 girls suddenly had the following idea:

“We're all going to see me now. There is alcohol and then we all have sex. Who is there? "

Yikes We looked at each other puzzled, my buddy asked directly for the address and said afterwards "Dude, the area seems pretty seedy to me - I don't think that's a good idea."

to act with caution

The story also makes it clear: you should never be reckless and trust your gut feeling before getting involved with anything. In the meantime there are unfortunately some scams such as the Black Widow Scam (see video).

Even if it might give the impression that one-night stands are actually the exception. It should also be clear that one cannot expect great love, rather the girls are more about having a good time.

Compared to Germany, you get into conversation much faster, the interaction is more relaxed - but you should not only travel to Argentina for this reason, because this country has a great variety of beauty on offer;)

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