Where is your business address

Business address, company headquarters and co - find the right home for your company

If you want to start a new company or start your own business, you have to make many fundamental decisions. One of the most important: Where should the company have its place of business at all? Both the legal basis and entrepreneurial considerations need to be taken into account when choosing a business address and headquarters. We go through the most important points with you step by step - this is how you find the right home for your company.

Your company headquarters and your business address: You have to pay attention to this

Are you a young entrepreneur or a freshly baked freelancer? There are three basic questions you should ask yourself when looking for the ideal company headquarters - just follow our clear guide

1. In which city would you like to have your official business address?

If you set up a German company, it has to be in Germany and belongs in your company's articles of association. Lawyers therefore speak of Statutory seat. The seat of the articles of association determines which register, trial and insolvency court is responsible for you. However, freelancers do not need a statute.

The business address can definitely be your private address if you feel comfortable passing it on to your business contacts. The only important thing is that it is a summons address acts. This means that the company's management can actually be reached at the address mentioned without any major delay. A mailbox for which regular emptying cannot be guaranteed is therefore excluded.

In addition to these legal considerations, you should keep in mind that the business address is critical to the Your company's image contributes. If you reside in a prime location in a well-known big city, this leaves a good impression on many customers and business partners. Of course, it also depends on the line of business you are in: even smaller cities often have a very good reputation within certain industries.

2. Where should your company be administered?

Often the head office of a company can also be found under the business address, i.e. the Company or administrative seat. This is where the fundamental decisions of the company management are made and implemented. The administrative seat also determines which tax office is responsible for you.

However, the administrative seat does not necessarily have to be at the same address as the statutory seat and can even be abroad. In particular, corporations such as GmbH should clarify a number of legal questions.

When choosing your administrative headquarters, the local economic situation is of fundamental importance: Is there a high concentration of potential business contacts for your company? Do you have to expect strong competition? How is the infrastructure? Since you have to pay taxes at your administrative headquarters, it can be an advantage to choose a smaller city, where the trade tax is often lower.

3. Office, coworking space or virtual office?

When you have decided in which city you want to run your business, the next question is: Do you need an office for yourself and possibly your partners or employees? If you are a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, a workplace in a coworking space might be enough. Decide how much space you need to work and look around for suitable offers in the city you want.

If you don't need any business premises at all or you don't want the office you work in to be your official business address, you can also rent a business address without physical premises. This option is called Virtual Office and is offered by various office service providers.

Many might think of a mailbox company when referring to this model, but the virtual office is actually much more than just a mailbox. Thanks to the on-site staff, who receive your mail and forward it immediately, it is, in contrast to the post office box, a loadable address. You can even have your virtual office entered in the commercial register. In Wiesbaden, Essen and Neuss, for example, you can rent a representative business address including a company sign in the entrance area in one of our First Choice Business Centers. We take care of your mail and offer additional services on request.

Good news for digital nomads

The last point will please all home office users as well as digital nomads: Because with a virtual office you reduce your costs and remain flexible and independent of location. At the same time, you do not have to enter your private address as your business address, so you can better separate professional and private matters. If you travel a lot across national borders or want to expand your company abroad, a business address in the respective country can be advantageous or even required by law. In this case, too, consider carefully whether you need an on-site office or opt for a virtual office.