What cares about older people

Support at home

Knowledgeable & reliable

Care at home

“I need care and want to live at home - is that possible?” Our social wards come to your home and ensure that you can live in your apartment or house for as long as your health allows. Care at home means medical care, personal hygiene, household help and a friendly conversation. More

Mobile lunch table

“I don't like to cook every day anymore.” Taking care of daily meals often seems too laborious for older people. It becomes particularly difficult when illnesses require special preparation, because healthy nutrition is important for life at home in old age. More

Emergency call

“Since I have the emergency call button, I feel much safer.” If you want to be able to call for help at home quickly and in almost all situations, the house emergency number is just right for you. More

Activating & relieving

day care

"Meeting other people, eating together, receiving my medication and going home in the evening - I'm looking forward to it!" Day care enables people in need of care to spend the day in company outside their own four walls. More

Bridging & relaxing

Prevention care

“What if my relatives are absent?” Nursing staff also need vacation, are on a business trip, come to the hospital or are sometimes prevented from doing anything else. Preventive care is there for these cases. It helps to bridge bottlenecks or gives caregivers a regular break. More

Strengthening & building

Short term care

“Who will take care of me when I come out of the hospital?” Being cared for after a stay in the hospital helps to be able to return home soon. The short-term care bridges the time until you regain your strength. More