How long does puberty last for boys

Neither the parents nor the siblings, least of all those affected have it easy: Puberty is a formative phase in life that is accompanied by major changes. But how long do you have to endure the eternal ups and downs, which are often incomprehensible to outsiders?

It usually lasts five to six years in adolescents. This was determined by researchers at the University of Basel on the sleep behavior of adolescents. They investigated the sleep-wake phases of adolescents in the period after the first menstruation or the broken voice.

Puberty is accompanied by major physiological and psychological changes. The Basel physicians consider menarche (onset of menstruation) in girls and the onset of vocal breakage in boys to be the beginning of this development phase.

To determine when this time ends, the researchers examined sleep-wake behavior. The female adolescents went to bed later and later in the first five years after the onset of menarche during the school days. This decreased the duration of sleep. On the weekends, they compensated for their sleep deficit of up to two hours.

It was not until the sixth year that this sleep-wake behavior slowly approached the pattern of an adult. In the male adolescents, the process was similar to that of the researchers in the online journal PLoS One to report.

The study thus allows the conclusion that puberty lasts five to six years.