What is the use of English

Use of the present perfect

When will that Present perfect used?

The Present perfect is a tense that is difficult for English learners to understand. It's kind of a hybrid of the past and the present. The past is brought into connection with the present.

1. Result of actions is important in the present (It is not important when exactly these actions happened. As soon as an exact time, e.g. yesterday - is present, that will Simple past used.)

I have cleaned my room.
(I cleaned my room. - It's clean now. It doesn't matter when the room was cleaned.)

Has Peggy everbeen to Tokyo?
(Has Peggy been to Tokyo before? - It only matters whether Peggy has been to Tokyo or not.)

2. Actions that have just been completed

He hasjustplayed handball.
(He was just playing handball. - Now it's game over.)

3.States began in the past and continue to the present - with since (time) or for (period / time span)

We havelived in Canada since 1986.
(We have lived in Canada since 1986. - We still live in Canada now.)

4. often together with lately, recently, yet

I have been to London recently.
(I was recently in London - inaccurate timing)

He has not written the e-mail yet.
(He has not yet written the email - not yet)