What is a simple breakfast

40 breakfast ideas for a delicious start to the day

Sweet breakfast ideas

French toast with strawberries, goat cheese vanilla cream and basil

The recipe name says it all. A breakfast to melt away, enjoy and pamper yourself. Ideally on Sundays in bed with a steaming cup of coffee or tea in hand. To the recipe

French toast with strawberries © Kaja Hengstenberg | The Recipe Suitcase

Spelled and rye rolls on Sundays

Although “Sunday” is in the name, the spelled and rye rolls taste delicious every day - especially when they come out of the oven fresh, warm and crispy. To the recipe

Brioche with currant butter

Baking French can be so easy. And when the small rolls are out of the oven ... lukewarm, coated with homemade, sweet currant butter - then you can start the day lively. To the recipe

Red currant curd

Instead of butter, you can alternatively make a curd from the small red berries. It can also be used not only for breakfast ideas, but also for cakes and pastries with afternoon coffee. To the recipe

Red currant curd © Anne Philipp | A cake a day

Banana bread with almond butter

No breakfast ideas ... This banana bread with almond butter is so delicious that you'll want to eat it all day long - with a cup of coffee and a mug of chocolate, in the evening and in the morning. To the recipe

Oven pancakes with berries

Because it's so easy: pancakes out of the oven. You only need to bake one. Filled with fruit and cream, it turns into a deliciously delicious cake roll. To the recipe

Zucchini bread with dates and lemon cream

A seductive fragrance, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside: the zucchini not only makes the bread particularly tasty, but also particularly juicy. To the recipe

Rhubarb and mascarpone waffles

Fluffy and juicy as they should be. Since the waffle batter is already refined with rhubarb and mascarpone, Irina's waffles actually taste best on their own! To the recipe

Are you looking for the ultimate waffle recipe? With this basic recipe, your waffles will be particularly airy, particularly juicy and particularly tasty.

French toast sticks

The fine version of the French classic. Stale slices of toast, coated in a fine egg cream, served with fresh blueberries - a poem of breakfast ideas. To the recipe

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Breakfast casserole with oatmeal - Baked Oatmeal

Oatmeal is just a big hit right now. And if you haven't tried it yet, you should do it as soon as possible. Here is also layered and not without. Because the baked oats are not only healthy, they are also a real filler for breakfast ideas. To the recipe

Breakfast muffins

Muffins can be healthy too. The refined sugar free breakfast muffins are the best proof. Fruit and honey provide the necessary sweetness here. But what is almost even better: the muffins are the perfect breakfast to go and also last a few days. To the recipe

Breakfast muffins © Tobias Müller | The cake baker

Chocolate Banana Bread

A little decadent: with this banana bread you treat yourself to double the chocolate drone. Chocolate pieces in a banana-like chocolate dough and incredibly juicy. To the recipe

Croissants with orange and honey butter

Breakfast ideas without croissants? Not at all. A fine butter made from honey, orange and cranberries goes with the crispy, airy pastry. Enough of the words. To the recipe

Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin in a pancake - a sweet duo! The little cakes taste particularly delicious on the sofa, under a blanket, with hot chocolate in hand. To the recipe

Chocolate buns

Homemade rolls are something wonderful! It is best to keep it lukewarm and when the chocolate is still slightly soft. This makes your breakfast heart rise! Heidi's tip: Enjoy with chocolate cream. To the recipe

Yogurt pancakes with raspberries

Finally there is light and airy pancakes made from yogurt, spelled flour and date syrup, topped with sweet and sour raspberries. Will be on the breakfast table in 15 minutes. A quick breakfast to pamper you. To the recipe

Mini pancakes

Breakfast ideas simply taste best in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to surprise your brunch and breakfast guests with something special, the small pancakes on skewers would be perfect. You can also take two or three of them or ... See the recipe

Mini pancakes © Johanna Gebel | My tasty little beauties

Waffle sandwich

Waffles, bananas, nut nougat cream - the perfect sandwich for those with a sweet tooth. The coconut flakes also provide a little holiday feeling at the breakfast table. To the recipe

Waffle sandwich © Johanna Gebel | My tasty little beauties

Buchteln with raspberries

Fluffy yeast dough, sweet raspberries and crispy crumbles - a dream. Not just at the breakfast table, of course. With the Buchteln you can pamper those with a sweet tooth at the coffee table. Breakfast ideas don't get any better. To the recipe

Buchteln with raspberries © Kaja Hengstenberg | The Recipe Suitcase

Hearty recipes

Sweet potato waffles with avocado cream and poached egg

For the hearty waffle hunger: crispy sweet potato waffles with avocado cream and poached egg. You don't indulge yourself in anything else…. To the recipe

Crispy scrambled rolls with cheese and sour cream dip

Here, golden yellow scrambled eggs with spicy cheese are hidden in small dumplings, which together with cool sour cream make a small, tasty snack. To the recipe

Green avocado asparagus sandwich with aioli

A properly filled slice of good bread in the morning can delight in delight. The green sandwich with avocado, asparagus, zucchini and cress not only looks good, it also tastes delicious! To the recipe

Salmon omelette

The good old omelette. Filled with smoked salmon, zucchini, peas and dill, the classic turns into a wonderful filling breakfast, with which you can start the day in a good mood. To the recipe