What is it like to join Americorps


Josh's eyes were opened in 2015 and 2016 while working for a year at the La Sagrada Familia migrant home in Tlaxcala, Mexico. He met people who had been neighbors in his hometown of San Antonio, TX, and the university town of Lakewood, Colorado, who immigrated back to the United States after deportation. He was moved by their stories and he realized that his own liberation would be tied to that of his immigrant brothers and sisters.

When he returned to Denver in the fall of 2016, he was involved in the movement and in the resistance to deportation. Working with the CIRC docu team, he was part of our Virginia law effort. He prides itself on the collective success achieved requiring legal advice and termination of ICE holds and the exchange of information without warranty. In the future, he will continue to push for the end of ICE notifications, informing people of their rights, improving access to legal and community resources, and providing a route to citizenship for ALL PEOPLE in the US!

He's very, very excited to be the new North Regional Organizer! He looks forward to building new relationships, empowering the movement's leaders, and taking great strides to make Colorado a more immigrant-friendly state as part of this beautiful coalition.


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