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Unlock iPhone SIM: This is where the function is hidden

Your iPhone will receive one of its numerous updates and will therefore override any mobile connection. After the restart you can use it again, but first you have to unlock the SIM card manually. At this point, your phone offers you a seductive OK as an option. You tap it and then find out that your card is still blocked. Find out here how you can subsequently unlock your iPhone SIM in such a situation.

That is why the SIM is blocked

Your iPhone updates at regular intervals or goes off on your way home thanks to an empty battery. It cuts all cellular connections and thus paralyzes the SIM card for the time being. So it can update itself or go to sleep without disturbing radio waves. As soon as you want to restart it, it will ask you to reactivate the SIM card. The smartphone often leads its user astray here: The small pop-up window indicates that the SIM is still inoperable. There is promptly the impetus to just give up OK to type and thus eliminate the problem.

However, this is not the way to an unrestricted cellular connection, on the contrary. The SIM remains blocked. And where the unlock function is, Apple has hidden quite well. So that you don't have to shut down and start your iPhone again, we have put together three tricks for you on how you can successfully unlock the SIM even after typing it incorrectly.

Option 1: Unlock SIM in settings

You can subsequently unlock your iPhone by entering the SIM PIN. If you forget your PIN, don't try to guess it. If you enter it incorrectly three times, the card will be permanently blocked and thus worthless for the time being. So only follow our instructions if you still know the code. To get the iPhone working again, do the following:

  1. On the iPhone, select the Settings out.
  2. Scroll down quite a bit until you see the settings Phone find. Tap on it. Then keep scrolling. The last item on this menu is SIM PIN.
  3. Tap SIM PIN and enter your code in the new pop-up window. You don't need to do anything afterwards. Your iPhone will automatically start the connection to the mobile network after the correct entry.

If you forgot your SIM PIN ...

... you should definitely not enter it “by chance”. If you enter it incorrectly three times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked. If this scenario occurs, can only tell you to enter the correct PUK (“Personal Unblocking Key”) help - a number that serves as reassurance if you have accidentally entered your PIN incorrectly too many times. In any case, you should do the following:

  • Keep calm. Do not try to enter a random combination of numbers, but concentrate on finding the PIN.
  • Check your records. When your mobile operator sent you your SIM card, they also sent you a document with your PIN and PUK. Try to keep these important data sheets in a safe place or write down the codes to hand.
  • If you cannot find the slip of paper with your PIN or the one with your PUK, contact your provider's service hotline or go to one of their stores. There you can get specific help.

Option 2: Unlock SIM via phone call

If using the regular settings is too cumbersome for you, you can go from use another little trick do. You even have two simple options for unlocking:

  1. Try to make a call. Of course, this does not work without an unlocked SIM card. Your phone knows that too. Therefore, it draws your attention to the fact that your SIM is not yet ready for it. The iPhone will now ask you to enter the code in advance.Note: Once unlocked, the call is actually forwarded to the recipient. So if you don't want to disturb any of your friends, you can also dial an invented number. Even a simple combination of numbers like 333 will do the trick.
  2. Send a text message. Like an outgoing call, sending a text message requires a working cellular connection. If this is not the case, the iPhone automatically indicates that the SIM must be unlocked beforehand.Note: This method only works if you are sending an SMS or iMessage message. Chats via WhatsApp or Facebook cannot help you with this.

Option 3: Unlock SIM using airplane mode

Probably the easiest and fastest way to unlock your iPhone SIM afterwards is the way via the Control Center. You can access this by swiping up the lock screen or home screen on your iPhone. Then tap on the little airplane in the top left - this activates what is known as “airplane mode”. Leave the phone like this for about ten seconds. Then deactivate the mode again by calling up the Control Center again and tapping the aircraft symbol with an orange background. The next time you start the home screen, the iPhone will ask you to enter the SIM PIN.

The iPhone can be used again quickly with our simple tips.

Get your iPhone back up and running quickly

With these three simple tricks you now know how to quickly get your iPhone working again after a botched SIM start. However, always make sure that you enter the correct number - after a few unsuccessful attempts, your SIM can only be unlocked with an additional backup number. But if you are aware of the correct combination of numbers, you can use your iPhone again in no time and enjoy all of its functions.

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