Why do you regret loving someone

You will regret losing the woman who loved you too much

She was the kind of woman who always replied the same to your messages because she didn't want you to think she was making you wait ...

One day you will open your eyes and find that she is no longer next to you and that she will likely wake up somewhere else for the rest of your life. She will actually choose a man who consciously chooses to be with her every day.

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She will choose to love someone who will love her as much as you have never been able to.

You may meet a few more times in the future, but that won't mean anything to her. She may not even notice you because she is too happy - too happy with the love she has in her life now.

She'll be the same woman who loved you once, but with one big difference - she'll love someone else. Someone who deserves to be loved as much as she deserves to be loved.

She will no longer look at you as in love as she once did and when you meet she will no longer be excited at all. Her heart will not beat faster at the thought of you and you will no longer play a significant role in her life. And do you know why

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When she found out that you would never be willing to give her the love she gave you, she decided instead to devote all of that love to herself.

It made her infinitely happier. And you will notice their confidence! She will exude a confidence that you have never seen before. Because when you were together, she missed that feeling every day. She didn't have it at all!

And the day you find she's more confident about herself, you'll regret letting go of her. You will hate yourself for not loving her the way she deserved to be loved. You will regret losing a woman who just wanted to love you.

You will miss her so much, but you will never have a chance to win her back. You will regret how she loved you so convincingly and wholeheartedly.

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She was the kind of woman who was always ready to talk about you and put you at the center of the relationship. She was the kind of woman you rarely took calls because you thought she wasn't worth the time.

And then you will think back to your time together. You will never be able to get all your old memories out of your head. You will remember the great times you had with her and you will learn to appreciate them because you never really tried to do that when you were together.

Only now will you really notice the little things that she has done for you and the relationship, because you will develop the attention to detail. You will realize what a great woman you had by your side and how stupid you were to let go of her.

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You will miss the times when she gave you presents for no reason just to show you how much you mean to her. You will think of the days she visited you just to see how you are. You will miss the way she always told you that she loved you infinitely, but you never considered it.

And in these moments of vulnerability, your feelings and emotions will completely destroy you. You will regret that you will never find another woman to love you the way she did.

You'll be sad that you've just lost a woman who deserved so much more than you ever gave her. You will regret losing a woman who loved you so much.

And now you will drown in your grief. You will just drown in your sea of ​​regret because there is not much you can do to get her back. She has chosen to go on with her life without you and is happy because of it.

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And that's why you are the loser and not her. You will have to get over them, but it won't be easy for you. Because how can you get over someone who loved you like no one else ever will?

She was unique and you let her go ...

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