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Complete the MBA or Master's degree while working

If you want to study the MBA or Master's degree alongside your job or part-time, you will find a wide variety of study programs on this page. Among them there is bound to be one that meets your individual search criteria! Part-time studies are best suited for professionals who want to continue doing their job. Lessons usually take place in the evenings. Many business schools offer programs in both full-time and part-time modes. In some cases the part-time programs contain fewer courses than their full-time counterparts and only convey general basic knowledge without the possibility of specialization. Other part-time study programs contain the same subjects and courses as full-time programs, but the duration of such training can then extend over a longer period of time. Part-time programs are popular with participants who, despite studying, cannot - or do not want to - do without their job. If you have any questions about a special program that can be studied part-time, simply use the contact form for the respective MBA program. You can also send us your question using the contact form.