Who was the mouth of Sauron

Sauron's mouth

Sauron's mouth

Sauron's mouth, also Messenger of Mordor (Carroux) or Mordor's envoy (Krege) was one of the Black Númnórer. He came from the descendants of the Númenórer in the colonies of the Haradwaith and entered Sauron's service when he regained strength.


In the service of Sauron he became a powerful sorcerer who prolonged his life through black magic, yet he remained a mortal person and was not a Nazgûl or undead of any other kind. He was considered more cruel than any orc and was not due to his evil will and ingenuity only the governor of the tower of Barad-dûr, but was considered the most senior of Sauron's human servants. After the War of the Ring, he intended to take over the post that Sauron had promised Saruman, and from Isengard to oversee the countries of the west as a province dependent on Sauron. But it did not get to that.

In front of the Black Gate

The warriors of Gondor and Rohan, led by Aragorn II, rode to the Black Gate at the end of the War of the Ring to fight Sauron and his forces and to drive Sauron out for good. When they came within calling range of the Morannon, they unfurled the banner and sounded trumpets. Heralds came forward and shouted: "Come out! Let the lord of the black land come out! He shall receive his just punishment. For unlawfully he has waged war on Gondor and devastated his lands. Therefore the king of Gondor demands that he be for his." Atone for wrongdoings and then go away forever. Come out! "

There was silence and there was no scream or any other sound to be heard from the wall and gate. The military leaders were about to turn back when the silence was suddenly broken. Drums boomed like thunder and horns pounded, making the stones shake and deafening people's ears. The gate was thrown open with a loud clang and an embassy from the Black Tower came.

At the head rode a mighty figure, tall and wicked, on a black horse, if it was a horse. It was huge and ugly at the same time and his face was like a hideous mask and looked more like a skull than a living head. A flame burned in his eye sockets and nostrils. His rider was dressed in black, who also wore a black high helmet. He wasn't one of the Ringwraiths, he was a living man. He was the commander of the tower of Barad-dûr and his name is not mentioned in any history and it is said that he forgot his name. "I am Sauron's mouth." he said. He rode out with a small band of warriors in black armor and a flag with the Evil Eye on it in red. He mocked and called the riders of Rohan a wild crowd and rabble. He wanted to negotiate, but after some verbal back and forth and after showing the horrified warriors and Gandalf a short sword, a gray cloak with an elven brooch and, finally, Frodo Baggins Mithril mail shirt, Sauron's mouth placed conditions, which Aragorn and Gandalf refused were. Suddenly Gandalf threw off his gray cloak and a white light shone like a sword in this dark place. Sauron's mouth shrank from Gandalf's raised hand and Gandalf walked towards him. He took armor, cloak and sword from him, as a reminder of a good friend. Gandalf also brusquely and decisively rejected the conditions set by Sauron's mouth and said: "Get away, for your embassy is over and your death is near. We did not come here to negotiate with Sauron, the faithless and cursed Wasting words: even less with one of his slaves. Away with you! "

The messenger from Mordor no longer laughed and his face contorted and it looked like a wild animal. He was seized with a frenzy, his mouth drooling, but fear triumphed over his anger. Shortly before the attack by the orcs he gave a loud scream, turned away, jumped on his horse and galloped madly back to Cirith Gorgor with his band. As they rode, his men blew their horns and Sauron snapped his trap.

What happened after the destruction of the One Ring and the associated fall of Sauron is unclear. It is possible that Sauron's mouth survived and fled to the east because - unlike the Nazgûl - he was not tied to the power of Sauron. But he probably also perished after the fall of Sauron.

Film trilogy

Sauron's mouth is embodied in the film trilogy by the actor Bruce Spence. For the role, the actor was not only made up, but his face was also changed on the computer. In the film, Sauron's mouth is beheaded by Aragorn. The scene with him can only be seen in the Special Extended Edition of the third film.


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