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Most popular perfumes: These are the best-selling fragrances in Germany

The hottest women's fragrances at a glance!
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A fragrance can underline the personality, attract attention or awaken memories. Not all perfumes are created equal and are a very personal matter. Nevertheless, there are some popular perfumes that are well received by the vast majority and are particularly often sold over the counter. These are Germany's favorite fragrances!

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Every year, Germany's great perfumery Douglas publishes a ranking of the most popular and best-selling perfumes in Germany. In the past year, these ten fragrances won the race:

Place 10: "The Scent" by Hugo Boss

On a base note of sweet, exotic cocoa, "The Scent" by Hugo Boss * builds up a fragrance composition that is supposed to reflect the power of female seduction in all its facets. The fragrance is fruity-sweet, radiates warmth and thus landed at number 9 of the most popular perfumes.

9th place: "Trésor" by Lancôme

A fragrance as noble as its flacon: sandalwood, musk and delicate vanilla form an oriental basis in the "Tresor" by Lacôme, the sensual fragrance of Lancome is rounded off by fruity accords such as apple, peach and bergamot. A sensual, woody eau de parfum to fall in love with.

8th place: "Coco Mademoiselle" by Chanel

The fragrances from Chanel are classic, noble and timeless - no wonder that "Coco Mademoiselle" * is the second most popular perfume in Germany. It is an oriental, woody, warm fragrance that stands out due to its intense orange note. A classic perfume for every day!

7th place: "Good Girl" by Caroline Herrera

"Good Girl" * is a sensual and atmospheric fragrance. Here, sweet, sensual properties of jasmine meet darker cocoa notes and tonka beans. An oriental composition that is a little heavier and celebrates femininity.

6th place: "Pour Femme" by Lacoste

A real classic among women's perfumes: "Pour Femme" by Lacoste * combines floral notes of hibiscus, rose and yasmin with spicy chords such as nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper, and thus melts into a perfume with a lot of depth that never appears intrusive. For those with confidence and style.

5th place: "Libre" by Yves Saint Laurent

This is how freedom should smell: cool lavender meets sweet vanilla and tangy orange blossom. A floral fragrance that is almost addicting and envelops the wearer in a delicate cloud. "Libre" by Yves Saint Laurent * celebrates femininity in all olfactory facets. So seductive!

4th place: "Black Opium" by Yves Saint Laurent

Provocative, rocky, rebellious: The Black Opium Eau de Parfum * impresses with its incredible intensity and oriental fragrance that lasts for a long time. The contrast between bitter coffee beans and the sweet, gentle aroma of white flowers makes the perfume so special - ideal for women who are looking for a strong, intense scent.

3rd place: "La vie est belle intensément" by Lancôme

The reinterpretation of the classic fragrance is fruity and powerful: the floral heart of Arabian jasmine and orange is refined with sparkling bergamot, pink pepper and fruity raspberry. "La vie est belle intensément" from Lancôme * is based on patchouli and vanilla.

2nd place: "Chloé" by Chloé

A sea of ​​roses to spray on: the romantic "Chloé" fragrance by Chloé * is a real classic. Fresh and romantic, that's how the label describes its bestselling fragrance. Warm amber meets peony here, an eau de parfum for really every occasion. Thanks to the excellent sillage, the Chloé Eau de Parfum stays in the nose - and in the memory, even after several hours.

1st place: "La vie est belle" by Lancôme

Flowery, oriental and fresh aptly describes the Germans' favorite perfume 2018. "La vie est belle" by Lancôme * is, as the name suggests, an homage to the beauty of life. Since its release, the fragrance has been a regular guest in the top ten perfumes - and it can confidently be called a classic. Here patchouli meet in the top note, iris, jasmine and orange blossom. A light floral fragrance that is not unsuitable even in winter. No wonder so many women refer to this fragrance as theirs.

By the way: In the following video, the Beauty TV team goes on a taster with one of the most renowned perfumers Werner Abt and shows the most extraordinary fragrances and their special features. It's worth taking a look:

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* This article contains affiliate links. Funke Digital GmbH receives a commission when a purchase is made.

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