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UNIQLO reviews

Bored company

Customer service just doesn't respond. Literally dead as a mouse. Because of the unimaginative app and the even more unimaginative products and above all because of a hint from Apple that my previous password at Uniqlo was obviously no longer secure, I wanted to close my account. Closing the account is a thing of sheer impossibility: 1. the company sticks to you like old soy sauce, 2. both the app and the website are as easy to navigate as navigating through Tokyo's streets and 3. a stoic ignorance up to and including soporific fainting. The company has to live in a parallel world in which there is zero interest in people, in this case: in the customer. There is no other way of explaining the confusing structure of the website and the crippling ignorance of customer requests. A look at Kununu gives the impression that the company ticks so ignorantly not only externally, but also internally. Basically, these are consistently lived corporate values ​​- whether you like it or not. I just want one more thing: get out as soon as possible! You're welcome!! I will no longer bore you with my purchases - I promise! Great word of honor!

The shipping policy is pathetic

The shipping policy is pathetic! The cheapest variant from DHL, the shipment is not announced and not stored at the agreed location but lands immediately in the post office. That's totally annoying. At Amazon, delivery with Prime is free and everything works out great. But Uniqlo has to grab a few cents and annoyed its customers. Will no longer order from Uniqlo.

Fast and easy

My order and return were processed quickly and easily. Yes, the return costs € 2.95 but that is communicated relatively clearly on the website and, to be honest, I don't think that's a bad thing, given the low prices. However, the refund was done in a few days, so I'm glad that I wasn't put off by the very negative reviews and that I still have beautiful products at home. :)

very satisfied

I regularly place orders with Uniqlo because the price and quality of the goods convince me and there is no Uniqlo branch in my city. Articles that you do not like can easily be returned. I think it's fair that the amount of EUR 2.95 that has recently come up for this is really worth the opportunity for me to have a larger selection. I've never had a dispute about a refund, even if I made a complaint about undelivered goods. Since Uniqlo sent it with DHL instead of DPD, this has only happened once.

very disappointed in dealing with good ...

very disappointed in dealing with good customers.
Ordered an article in several colors online. After the first gentle wash before wearing, according to the inner label, I discovered a large hole in two articles. After the images and description were sent to the service, the following came back: "We took a closer look at the photos you sent us (...) and cannot accept a complaint.
According to the investigating department, it is not a matter of a material defect, but probably arose with the use of force and seems to have been pierced. "

Really disappointing that intent and personal negligence are assumed. They lost me as a customer.

Shipping and returns hostile to customers

So far I've been very enthusiastic about the clothes, but online shopping has been deliberately made so backward that I will think twice about whether I will order something there again in the future. Not that there is free shipping from 80 euros at all, the return slips have had to be laboriously collected on the Internet for a few months and recently 2.95 euros are due per return. Apparently the company in Germany wants to stop its online business as soon as possible, otherwise I cannot explain such customer-hostile behavior by a billion-dollar company. It's a shame, I thought the clothes were really pretty, but then I can shop more customer-friendly from the competition.

Only the most recent rating counts towards the company's TrustScore.

None of your discount codes are working

None of your discount codes are working. I tried applying my newsletter code to an 85EUR shopping cart and it didn't work. When creating an account you claim that the first order will be with free shipping, this is scam! That's not the case. It is illegal to offer discounts and not apply them to customers

Conditions hostile to customers

Shipping AND returns are to be paid by yourself. And then also return costs for INTERNATIONAL. I ordered winter jackets and although I kept some items, I had to pay the return costs for the returned items myself. I live near the border and have suggested to customer service that the returned goods should be handed in in DE (in DE the return was free until yesterday, from today 2.95 €), but here too there was zero concession. In the end, I had to pay for the return myself (box 20 €). By the way, I had to buy the box first because Uniqlo sent 7 individual bags. If I had sent them back individually, I would have come to over 100 € shipping costs ...
As much as I liked the products - and I was really a loyal customer, bought a lot in the shops and always recommended the brand - the online shop experience was so bad that I definitely won't buy anything from Uniqlo. This is how you can destroy a brand.

Be careful with returns!

So far I've been a big Uniqlo fan because I really appreciate the quality of the products and the customer service in the branches. Unfortunately, I cannot unreservedly recommend the online shop. The money for a returned item was only paid back to me after a long waiting period and several contacts with customer service. Even after I had delivered a return slip including proof that the shipment had arrived at Uniqlo, I was put off for an indefinite period and had to ask again. Not only am I upset about this, but also disappointed with Uniqlo. I won't buy anything in the online shop for the time being.

Since the new return policy - never again!

Although I have been shopping at Uniqlo for over 10 years and have been very satisfied, I will no longer do so in the future due to the inexplicably stupid and customer-unfriendly new return guidelines. Uniqlo refuses to give customers back the entire Heattech collection and underwear, which is illegal. No response to calls or emails.

Pay only with PayPal for your own protection

Ordered a sweater in December that tore after wearing it once. Uniqlo first promised a replacement delivery, then nothing happened for 1 month. The customer service does not respond to emails and the employees on the phone are nice and promise to take care of them, but nothing happens. You are left alone with the lack of quality for almost 2 months.

I then activated PayPal Buyer Protection and got my money back within a few days. You should only shop at Uniqlo with PayPal so that you can still assert your rights here. The customer service is really a joke.