What is the pass mark of SAT

SAT test

A SAT I or II is not required anywhere in the USA for applicants from abroad! As a rule, they want your graded high school diploma and the toefel!

Since the SAT I and II are very much designed for the English / American language, it is more advisable to do the ACT here. Since today the equivalence of both tests is determined at all universities.

The maximum value that can be achieved with the SAT is 1600 points and the maximum value that can be achieved with the ACT 30 !!

Last year only 0.4% of all participants in the SAT received the maximum value!
The average of the participants was 1020 points in the SAT and 22 in the ACT.

So whoever gets the maximum number of points in both tests is practically a candidate for the "ivy-league"! 8)

The test results alone do not say whether a university will accept the applicant! But the progress that a student has made over the 4 years of high school plus the test results plus the selected subjects plus the level in which these subjects were (phases!):!:: Idea:

Explanation: most subjects (classes) are divided into different levels that are then phases. Phase 1 is absolutely comparable to the level of the secondary schools in D., while a phase 4 or honors class can correspond to that of the German Gymi under certain circumstances (depends on the school), while phase 5 is usually already AP classes (i.e. college courses).

Anyone who comes from the USA with a point value of 1300 can study in D. !!! Provided he has spent his entire high school there and has a sound knowledge of German!