Why cheat fraudsters

Affair portal Ashley Madison: When scammers are betrayed.

It reads almost like a thriller and nobody would have expected the current abundance of twists and turns and “high points” of the scandal surrounding the affair portal. When hackers cracked and published about 37 million customer addresses of Ashley Madison, the excitement was great. Divorce lawyers sensed big business, but also blackmailers who began to blackmail affected users. In Toronto, the police even announced that two suicides could be linked to Ashley Madison - so no kidding!

"Life is short. Treat yourself to an affair "

- This is how the company Ashley Madison advertises on the Internet for the anonymous violation of the sixth commandment “You should not commit adultery”. But many users can now only shake their head at this sentence and have to admit themselves the biggest mistake of her life to have done.

Officially, Ashley Madison's quota was 30 men to 5 women. So, according to the company, 30 million paying men are competing for 5 million women. The evaluation of the hacked user data shows a completely different picture!

The analysis of the hacked user data by the blog “Gizmodo” shows the full extent of the fraud. According to the blog are only 12,000 real female profiles and belonged to active users of the portal!

You really have to rub your eyes every now and then reading the article: only 1492 registered women would have read their messages at all! By way of comparison: there were 20 million male users. The chat system was used by eleven million males and just around 2400 female users.

More and more of this has come to light in the last few days, and some insiders at the company - like David Evans - now admit:

“Ashley Madison paid people to create profiles. And they have allowed more and more fake profiles to emerge on their site. "

According to analyzes, men never communicated with real women, but with an "army of bots" (Freely translated: “automated, flirtatious robot women”). 70,529 such bot profiles are said to have been identified, only 43 of them imitate male users!

So Ashley Madison's business model seemed like this: We cheat on paying men who want to cheat. The chances of actually starting an affair were actually very slim - Unfortunately, the damage to families and marriages today is no less. As I read the report, I wondered if Ashley Madison's business practices could possibly be emblematic and representative of other affair portals - I don't know, but I can very well imagine the same.

The scandal also caused an earthquake in many churches. In the USA alone, over 400 Christian church leaders are said to be among the deceived fraudsters. One example is Sam Rader. In public, the blogger stands for Christian values ​​and an intact family life - and has thus secured a large fan base on the Internet. The hack of the affair portal Ashley Madison has now revealed: Even the Christian family man was not averse to cheating. However, Sam Rader went on the offensive and published this confession together with his wife on YouTube.

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No, the article is not intended to follow suit with mischievous laughter at the naivety and double standards of the deceived fraudsters: on the contrary! Let's not kid ourselves. Loyalty is not something that can be taken for granted, but something that couples have to work and fight for every day, it is the result of openness, hard work, patience, forgiveness and time.

Many can understand the kick of an affair, but this is not the answer to relationship problems, unspoken sexual desires and needs - on the contrary: it is the escape from them! Let us discuss our needs and longings with the partner, work on relationship problems, and instead of looking for someone else, find our partner again. 37 million hacked user data (only one of dozens of portals of this type) suggest: there is a lot of discussion and a need for forgiveness here, but I firmly believe that broken things can be repaired.