Education is worthwhile for countries

Education at a Glance 2020 - An OECD Report

The report “Education at a Glance” provides an overview of the education systems in the 37 countries of the OECD and nine partner countries. Around 100 core tables enable an international comparison of the education systems.

This covers the entire course of education from elementary education in kindergarten and preschool to continuing education for adults. Among other things, the study also collects data on educational participation, graduation rates, educational expenditure and teaching and learning conditions.

As in last year's reports, the educational policy goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030, which have set themselves the task of guaranteeing inclusive, equitable and high-quality education and promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for all, will again be considered this year.

A particular focus of this year's report is on vocational training.

The report has been published annually since 1996 and is aimed at a broad readership - from governments who want to learn from other countries' educational experiences, to academics who need data for further analysis, to the general public who want to gain an overview what advances the home country's education system is making in educating world-class students.

The country-specific surveys in Education at a Glance are designed to support governments in their efforts to make education systems more effective and open to all. The report is the result of many years of joint efforts by the governments of the OECD countries, the experts and institutions working together within the framework of the OECD program "Indicators of Education Systems (INES)", and the Secretariat of the OECD.