At what age do wizards marry

A magician for the wedding - mysterious entertainment for young and old

We have to admit: We used to think that a wizard for weddings is more for old people and the tricks are pretty hackneyed ... Until we were able to experience a good wedding wizard for ourselves!

Now we are totally excited and want to give you a few tips & information about wedding magicians:

1. Benefits of a wizard to the wedding
2. So the magician can be used for the wedding
3. "Giving away" a magician for a wedding
4. Our recommendations for wizards for weddings

1. Advantages of a magician to the wedding:

The Icebreaker:
A wedding magician loosens the mood and makes the whole company talk and be amazed. Today we still talk enthusiastically about the magic and look back with great fondness.

Entertainment for young and old:
In addition, a good magician really inspires all age groups - which is also nice for families, otherwise most of the entertainment spots for the children are sometimes boring and they can get whimpering.

Perfect guest photo motif:
Your wedding photographer will consider himself lucky when whole groups of people break out into hearty laughter through the wizard at the wedding. This creates lively memory images / portraits of the guests in a natural way.

2. This is how the magician can be used for the wedding:

Entertainment during the bridal couple shooting:
During the photo shoot, the guests look forward to entertaining conversations in the absence of the bride and groom. For example, the magician can go from table to table at the wedding champagne reception (table magician) and mingle with the individual groups of people. The amazement is great when suddenly a few magic tricks are used completely unnoticed!

Children's program & learning individual magic tricks:
Even the little wedding guests will be amazed with enthusiasm when the magician simply conjures a rabbit out of the empty (!) Hat at the wedding. Experienced magicians also offer workshops for the kids so that they can learn and perform small magic tricks themselves in just a few minutes.

Evening program at the wedding party:
Of course, the wizard can also be booked in the classic way for the evening program. In order to entertain all wedding guests, the highlight is a magic show on the stage lasting approx. 30-40 minutes.

3. "Give away" a magician for the wedding:

In case you are considering a magician for the wedding as the bride and groom Wedding surprise & To give an entertainment program, then it is essential to discuss with the master of ceremonies or the groomsmen beforehand whether such a magical program item fits into the previous planning.

This gift idea has the advantage that all guests of the wedding benefit from the unforgettable surprise and the wedding will be remembered even more beautifully by the magician.

If you want to contribute a funny item to the wedding, you can also look around our wedding games collection for entertaining games and make the bride and groom happy.

4. Our recommendations for wizards for weddings

Baden-Wuerttemberg area

North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin area

Magician Chris Calvin

Make your wedding unforgettable with the unique, creative and entertaining shows by Chris Calvin. Bride and groom can be included in the performance, a wedding picture can be made with the bride and groom as part of the illusion or other special wishes can be fulfilled.

Chris's sympathetic demeanor, more than 15 years of experience and the fact that he convinces even the greatest skeptics with fascinating illusions will ensure many smiling faces at your wedding!

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