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Apple: Wozniak would have liked to call Steve Jobs an "ass"

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It's one of the key scenes in the new film about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs: His colleague Steve Wozniak, who designed the Apple II, asks Jobs to publicly praise the team behind the computer. But Jobs refuses. Wozniak, played by Seth Rogen, stands up, calls Jobs an "asshole" and states: "I'm sick of being Ringo when I'm really John" - a reference to the Beatles, whose most famous songs are both by Paul McCartney as well as were composed by John Lennon.

"Jobs' products failed"

In a report by "New Yorker" Wozniak now admits that he is "very satisfied" with his portrayal. "If I had had the nerve to say all these things in real life (...) I would have said it that way. Polite and respectful," said Wozniak. He states that Jobs was unable to manage in his first term as Apple boss: "All of his products - from the Apple III to the Lisa to the Macintosh - have failed." Eventually Wozniak left Apple to do his own projects. For example, he wanted to develop a universal remote control and commissioned a company that also supplied Apple.

Outbursts of anger

When Jobs found out, he stormed into the company's offices and destroyed all of the prototypes that had been made for Wozniak. Even then, Wozniak couldn't bring himself to break with Jobs. "I always thought of us as friends, even when we weren't," Wozniak explains to actor Seth Rogen. Later, however, he made peace with Jobs, who died in 2011 - and also with his management skills.

But: "Tremendous respect"

For the introduction of new products in the 2000s - starting with the iPod - Jobs deserved "enormous respect", according to Wozniak. He also recognized early on what role the cloud would play. Rogen is less likely to hear that: "I don't save anything on the cloud - I had problems with hacking." Rogen's last major feature film was "The Interview," which allegedly sparked a North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures. The film release of "Steve Jobs" is planned for the middle of November. (fsc, October 15, 2015)