Make meat and eat halal meat

The supermarket chain Spar was only offering halal meat for sale in Viennese branches for a few weeks, and on Wednesday it announced that it would be taking the products off the shelves. The reason: heavy criticism on the net. The chain was accused of cruelty to animals. Right-wing groups interfered in the debate and used it to incite hatred against Muslims. Now Spar is again accused of having given in to animal rights activists and xenophobes. The most important questions and answers on the topic:

What is Halal Meat?

Meat that as halāl is "permitted" meat for Muslims. It is characterized by the fact that the animals are killed with a cut through the throat. This form of slaughter is called "Schächten", it causes an animal to bleed to a large extent. This is to ensure that Muslims can comply with the Qur'an against the consumption of blood when they eat meat. Consumption of blood is also forbidden for believing Jews. That is why they only eat meat from animals that have been slaughtered and which is therefore considered "kosher".

Generally, slaughtering takes place without stunning the animals. Among the believers of both religions, however, it is controversial whether an animal that has been anesthetized and bleeds after a throat cut is also considered kosher or halal.

For example, some accept electrical anesthesia immediately before or immediately after the throat cut. For example, "Diarel", an EU-funded international project by scientists, together with European and Egyptian Muslim experts, has come to the conclusion that anesthesia can be acceptable for Muslims if it does not cause the animal to die before it has bled to death.

A report by Bar Ilan University in Israel for the "Diarel" project, however, comes to the conclusion that stunning of slaughter animals is not an issue among Jewish rabbis: "To ensure that the animal is really alive and healthy at the moment of slaughter, it is essential that it is conscious and not anesthetized or anesthetized, "writes scientist Ari Zivotofsky.