What's your favorite smart home gadget

The best smart home gadgets

Vacuuming, watering flowers or mowing the lawn: We can now rely on clever devices to help us with a lot of household chores. You can now even switch on the lights or music or close the windows by shouting the command to a device. The magic word is: Smart Home. We have collected some extraordinary smart home gadgets that you might still be missing in your smart home.

BBQ thermometer with bluetooth

It's not that easy to grill a steak. The perfect cooking point - still pink on the inside, nice and crispy on the outside - is quickly exceeded. But do you need to use a barbecue thermometer for this? The result of this smart thermometer could convince you. Put in the sensor, connect it to your smartphone and you can sit comfortably at the table with your friends you will simply be informed when it is time for the bleed.

This smart gadget is at least as practical for use in the smoker. In it, the meat cooks even more gently and over a longer period of time. Controlling the meat temperature with this gadget is very easy. It saves you a lot of going to the grill to check whether the food is ready.

Pet feeder

There are a few times when a programmable feeder comes in handy. Cat owners who go on a short weekend trip know that their house tiger is well looked after with the automatic feeder. Of course, if you are absent for a long time, someone should regularly check on your fluffy darling.

This smart home gadget can even make it easier for you to take care of your pet on a daily basis. For example, some animals need small meals at fixed times throughout the day. Diabetes can be a reason that blood sugar levels are falling regular meals must be kept at the same level. Even when you are at work or on the go, your pet will get its food at the right time. It can also help you stay on a diet. Sometimes dogs or cats also need to lose weight. The automatic feeder dispenses the specified amount of feed - no more. No begging from the four-legged friend helps either.

The selection of smart feeders is large - some machines can not only be controlled with an app, but even allow a video call via an integrated camera. So you can see exactly from a distance whether your pet is eating and you can even talk to him.

Instead of records: playlists on NFC records

The record has made a remarkable comeback in recent years - which we are definitely happy about. But overall, music is becoming more and more digital - this trend cannot be stopped. Almost everyone streams their favorite music instead of inserting a record or CD. But sometimes we miss it: browsing through the record collection, pulling a cover off the shelf and deliberately placing the record on it.

A wonderful one Replacement for the physical music collection The Muse Blocks from Senic are on the shelf. You can have the small plastic tiles printed with a picture of your choice and you can transfer them later NFC and an app simply save entire playlists or links to music collections. They are also ideal as a gift - the further development of the mixtape, so to speak. To listen, just hold your smartphone with the NFC switched on and the music will start playing.

Smart light switches that cannot be tricked

For many, switching the lights in the house on and off via an app or voice control is the entry point into the smart home world. But there is a small problem: if someone has turned off the light switch, smart lights no longer respond. If you then want to turn on the lights at home while on vacation so that it looks like someone is at home, the app goes on strike.

This can be remedied by a smart light switch that always controllable is and cannot be switched off completely. Another plus of this smart home gadget: Perhaps you are hesitant to replace the LED lights that you bought just a few years ago with smart lamps. You don't have to if you replace the light switch instead. This is then compatible with every luminaire.

Best sound: loudspeakers from Teufel

High water sensor against wet feet

Anyone who has a basement and lives near a body of water may know it: basement rooms that are regularly full. So if the stream behind your house overflows again, you have to react quickly to save the facility and prevent major damage. A flood sensor helps you to be informed immediately when the water level rises. It goes into the socket and the sensor hangs down to the floor. As soon as he registers water, you will get one right away Notification on your smartphone.

Of course, the sensor also works with water that leaks from a broken washing machine. In such a case, too, it is worth a lot if you can react quickly. So a really smart gadget, not just for cellar owners.

Your smart home gadgets from Teufel: Holist M and S

  • ▶ Holist M: Our soon-to-be-available smart speaker with Alexa voice control not only makes your everyday life more comfortable, it also loves to provide the best sound. As expected with a smart speaker from Teufel, you can look forward to a 120 watt amplifier and a 3-way system with subwoofer. The shape and the integrated Dynamore-Technologie® allow a 360-degree sound. Four microphones ensure that the holist also understands your voice commands well.
  • ▶ Holist S: The little brother will soon come with a bit stripped-down equipment, but it also makes competitors in its class look pale. An elaborate 2-way system including a subwoofer provides you with room-filling sound. Both speakers are of course Bluetooth and WLAN capable.

Streaming speakers from Teufel

Tip: Control your smart home completely by voice

If you only have a few individual smart gadgets, you can conveniently operate and program them directly on the device or control them via your own app. But at some point you have a whole range of control apps and the operation takes time and is annoying. The solution is one central control center in your smart home network. This is where all the threads come together and ideally you can use it to control all of the devices. It is not uncommon for the control center to be a smart speaker: You can simply tell him that the vacuum cleaner should be sent and what music you want to listen to, while you lie in the tub and let the light slowly dim. Such a smart home can be very relaxing.