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Calculating your GPA (Grade Point Average)

In the USA, too, the average grade is often asked when applying for an internship or at university. But if there is only the letters, it is of course a little difficult. That is why there is a conversion table that can be used to convert letters into numbers, which is needed for the Grade Point Average - a kind of grade point average. We have also noted the corresponding German grades for orientation so that nothing stands in the way of the GPA calculation.

Step 1 - Translate the German grade

German noteAmerican note in lettersAmerican grade for GPA calculation
1,0 (1)A and A +4,0
1,3 (1-)A-3,7
1,7 (2+)B +3,3
2,0 (2)B.3,0
2,3 (2-)B-2,7
2,7 (3+)C +2,3
3,0 (3)C.2,0
3,3 (3-)C-1,7
3,7 (4+)D.1,3
4,0 (4)D +1,0
4,3 (4-)D-0,7
4.7 (5+) and worseF.0,0

Step 2 - Weight individual GPA grades with the time required

Now you have to calculate the average value from the converted grades. As you can see, an optimal GPA value is 4.0, the worst value is 0.0. As soon as you have converted all your grades into a GPA grade, you can move on to the average value. To do this, you weight your grades with the time required for the respective subject. For school grades you can take weekly hours as time expenditure, credit points are ideal for university achievements.

For example like this:

school subjectAmerican GPA noteExpenditure of timeTime required x GPA grade
English3,34 hours per week13,2
mathematics1,74 hours per week6,8
geography2,72 hours per week5,4
Course at the universityAmerican GPA noteExpenditure of time
(1 credit point ~ 30h)
Time required x GPA grade
Commercial law3,05 credit points15,0
higher mathematics1,03 credit points3,0
Markets and companies2,72 credit points5,4

Step 3 - Divide all results by the total effort

The last step in calculating your GPA is now to divide your results from step two by the total time required. Then you have calculated the so-called arithmetic mean. That means: All your grades are included in your overall GPA, depending on how much time you spent on them. For our examples it looks like this:

School example:

13,2 + 6,8 + 5,4 = 25,4
4 + 4 + 2 = 10
25.4: 10 = 2.54 = student's GPA

University example:

15 + 3 + 5,4 = 23,4
5 + 3 + 2 = 10
23.4: 10 = 2.34 = student's GPA

There are other GPA calculation systems as well

Now you have calculated your GPA, which is required for all possible applications in the USA: be it for an internship, university, another job or simply your own interests. But when you apply, you should also add that this GPA was calculated on the more usual scale of up to 4.0 points.

There is also a scale on which you can at best achieve up to 5.0 points. This variant is less common. If you don't make a note of the scale on which your GPA is based, people may think you want to improve your grades. Because of course the 5-point scale brings higher and in the sense "better" grades than the 4-point scale.


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