Where is the most stressful city in the world

Pomali: Stuttgart is the most stress-free city in the world

If you want to live without hectic and stress, you should move to Stuttgart. This is suggested by a study commissioned by an online laundry and dry cleaning service. Or just to Graz, which made it into the top 10. But first things first: In order to select the cities for the ranking, the study authors evaluated data from 500 cities regarding infrastructure, environmental pollution, financial security and quality of life of the residents.

Within the categories mentioned, criteria such as debt per capita, perception of security, number of green spaces, unemployment rate, population density, equality between women and men and equality of ethnic groups were examined. Additional factors that have positive effects on mental health, such as the number of hours of sunshine, were also taken into account.

Stuttgart leads

The cities received a score between 1 and 10 for each factor, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest level of stress. To enable a comparison, a total number of points was then calculated for each city.

The full results calculated how stressful each city is based on 17 factors. The table below shows a selection of four of the most stressful factors and the cities' total scores.

The ten least stressful cities in the world

Incidentally, Vienna ranks 37th in the overall ranking (3.24 points).

In comparison:

The ten most stressful cities in the world

The results of the index are confirmed by a 2016 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders under the title "Sunshine on my Shoulders: Weather, Pollution and Emotional Distress". This deals with the correlation between weather and mental health.

Angela Ready, a scientist at the Medica Research Institute, recently published her findings on the relationship between mental health and financial stress in the journal Health Economics.

Debt, Health, and Purchasing Power

Ready explains the theory on which their study is based: "An increasing number of people are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Our study examines the effects of these illnesses on retirement provision. It aims to show the extent to which health problems affect financial health Affect the security of this growing population. "

This correlation is also evident in the index of the most stressful cities, because in half of the 20 most stressful cities, the mental health of the population is poor, the debt per capita is high and the purchasing power of families is low.

further results

  • Athens, Greece emerged as the most stressful city in Europe due to financial factors, unemployment rate, perception of security, population density and gender equality.
  • Brussels, Belgium is the second most stressful city in Europe with a high unemployment rate and poor social security.
  • 5 of the 10 least stressful cities in Europe are in Germany. The remaining cities are in Western Europe.
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE is the world's safest city while Caracas, Venezuela is the world's most dangerous city.
  • Manchester, United Kingdom has the least hours of sunshine in the world, in Damascus, Syria has the highest number of hours of sunshine.
  • Social security is in Athens, Greece highest, although the city tops the list of the most stressful places in Europe. Abidjan, Ivory Coast has the worst social security.
  • In Munich, Germany has the highest purchasing power of families while Yaoundé, Cameroon comes off worst on this point.
  • Luxembourg has the highest score in the mental health category, Abidjan, Ivory Coast the lowest. Bordeaux, France ranks second in mental health and ranks 6th in the list of least stressful cities.
  • The population of Reykjavik, Iceland has the best physical health, Lagos, Nigeria the worst. Reykjavik also ranks first for gender equality while Baghdad, Iraq ranks last on this point.
  • Seattle, USA tops the list for ethnic equality. In this criterion cuts Seoul, South Korea performs worst. (red, 13.9.2017)